Saturday, March 27, 2010

A Celestial Pretty

On a blustery crack of dawn day
I promenaded to a garden bay
Garden bursting with wonders of flowers
As if the consecrated of showers
Lovable birds chirping on the tree
All of them who were free
I was so bushed like a wood fired
I laid myself by waters
Where there was nothing to matter
Stretched my somnolent limbs on the grass
I was soon snoozing on the sea green grass
When I woke from my sleep
Which made me to have a peep?
I saw a sight my mind in a myriad spring of glee
A young Pretty Fairy was standing by me
Like a blooming ruby rose near a bee
Folding my catnap with her celestial beam
Now blissful songs bust out from my heart
She came as a monsoon for a deserted heart
She was a full lit moon for the mind so murky and hurt
Her curly locks though short was like quill squashy
Her eyes a shimmering shaft of sunshine
Her lips as wine-red as the wild poppy
Her cheeks were like the peonies
Ooh! She looked like a celestial Goddess
With all her vividness and freshness

I have no more words to tell

To portray the Pretty for whom I fell
My wits was not in this world, I know not where I stood

Whether in cloud nine or dreamland
Out of the blue I realized it is the unchanged backyard
I glimpsed the golden cherub treading away far
Exclusive of leaving a split second I chased her
But it was all in vain for there was no sign of her
And my eyes was in marine of tears
I felt so very, very hurt
As if my unfathomable heart was burnt
Still every jiffy of my life her shadow flashed in my mind
Her cherubic prettiness pierced my soul, now for her soul I live
I believe in the amalgamation of the unsurpassed soul

A precious pearl with her celestial steps

She pressed my soul with celestial bliss

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