Tuesday, March 30, 2010


I was my concerned mom’s spoiled pet kid
Not even an iota could conquer my sturdy mind
Proud was I that zilch I did mind for mom’s love was in bounty
Then one Good Friday my mom bid me farewell forever
But promised would meet me in my dreams all day
Soon I found a sweet mom similar to my beloved mom
So considerate compassionate and affectionate
My God sent new Momma made me a Naughty Boomerang
I was all in merry and glee filled with a new life under her maternal wings
Her presence always made me believe my mom was here with me always
One day in the cool fun free life of mine
A pair of eyes stepped down to meet me
Struck by the penetrating exuberant eyes
Transformed my being totally
I experienced the ecstasy of falling in love for the first time …
I was intoxicated in its bottle of eyes
To flee from the glossy eyes I found it tough
I confessed to my momma about my love vision
She unwearyingly heard my eye lesson
She told me of a never ending conclusion
Which put me in a total confusion?
The bewitching eyes gave me a lot of tension
My Momma advised me “Listen to what I want to mention,
Please approach to reality, for now dear you are in a delusion
The eyes has trapped you entirely and made you forget the world wholly
You are first a writer don’t forget it continually
You have more duties to accomplish
Rather than wasting in that eyes your life’s aim
Don’t be after a pair of futile eyes in search of a perfect half?
But numerous eyes necessitate your helping hand
Don’t be blind to the torment eyes who is in search of an enhanced living
Reach for higher aims and grandeur
Employ your time and put pen to paper and serve up many
What is so special in those silly eyes my Naughty?”Smiled Momma
I disputed let me make it clear
Those eyes are silly never
So innocent and very pure
Proximity and my personal I feel to it for sure
New-fangled release of verve sparkles from it
When the twinkling eyes glances at me
It seems it wants to say something to me
I don’t know what happens to me
Entrancing and enchanting me
I will forfeit my life for it ever
For I crave to become its perfect lover

To put in plain words certain things
The easier said than done things
Every one finds wrong when true love it matters
Then Divine feel affection for who bothers
At present I need those valuable eyes to be innovative
For the jolis yeux is my blooming poem, words and works
Which inspires me as a versifier, writer and lover?
For the pair of pretty eyes are mine for ever
It speaks and I listen to the light and sunshine of my life
The Perfect half and path to accomplish my Dreams...

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