Sunday, April 11, 2010


Oh!! Dunce Mobile of AkAmma dearest of mine
It is her most Valuable treasure so fine
Beena’s rich beauty Queen like Cleopatra in the world to reign
This clings so close to her like a newborn babe
Seldom does she carry it anywhere so far
Shielding it securely in an ivory tower
Moisturizing its dusky wrinkly skin from Ultraviolet rays
Real reason she does dread for others taunting at it
“Throw it or gift it to a Zoo of stray animals”
If you call it is so deaf
If you chat it is so mute
If you send SMS it is so blind
Still in it a fulfillment cordial Beena finds
Once it was a precious toy of ever joy
To Sweet 'AkAmma’s Naughty and Amie'
It was where they fought a game of inner feelings
It was where they exchanged their hearts unaware
The only link that connected Naughty&Amie without any barriers
Pretty Amie wrote “Devu the Great” and waited anxiously
Cute Naughty replied “Devil the Great” and waited eagerly
All the way they played and enjoyed in it for days and months
Alas! One day the handicapped Mobile stopped responding
It became sick and weary due to AkAmma’s hubby’s scolding
Naughty and Amie did miss the fun and prayed for its swift recovery
The idle Mobile brought us together for awhile in a world of our own
Now it’s high time to bid Adieu and send it to an antique store
Oh! My Gracious AkAmma’s dunderhead Mobile
To her it will ever remain the Ultra Modern chic Icon…

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