Tuesday, April 13, 2010


An Obituary printed in World News Express
World obituary Column……….

Today the whole world mourns the sad demise of an adored friend of everyone Love who was with us for many years helping Mankind to carry on with happiness...Love is the only child of Mr. Hope a prosperous proprietor and Mrs. Faith a gracious lady who is the sister of the famous Respect a great leader. Love was born when man was born and so to tell the correct age is a problem as the birth certificate was lost in a bombing. Love will always be remembered as an evergreen charismatic Bachelor, a great philanthropist, a noble man, & a social worker who gave away all his billions of inherited wealth to Charity his dearest cousin. Love was betrothed to his sweetheart Beauty an eye-catching femme fatale but she cheated him and fell in the trap of Greed a notorious criminal &a womanizer ... Hearing this news Love went in a state of depression and mental agony which deteriorated his health severely and was undergoing treatment in a Specialty hospital for the past few years. It was during this time he came to know the decease of his ladylove Beauty who was brutally burnt to ashes by the cruel Greed..This news burst the heart of Love and he spat blood and died on the spot... Greed had dumped Beauty for another well-heeled queen Hate & has cheated many ladies including Fame,the famous Miss World and actress & also Kind a loaded Princess... CBI has put Truth in-charge of the investigation …It is indeed a difficult task to arrest Greed for he along with Hate reigns as king and queen as they are very influential by the help of his brothers Corrupt and Terrorism who are full of muscles and money… A team of doctors, scientists& scholars headed by genius Dream are busy trying to clone Love otherwise the survival of the world itself is impossible...Love has left us forever in doom…The funeral will take place today itself .. We pray for his rebirth to take place soon…………

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