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BEBBO.....(a short story )

If you pick up a starving dog & make him prosperous,he will never bite you.This is the principal difference between a dog & a man...Dogs are such agreeable friends... they ask no questions,they pass no criticisms....


“Suzy darling come and have your breakfast its ready on the table”..Mrs. Ken shouting.

Suzy a young girl of fourteen with dark brown hair, hazel eyes, fair and good looking came rushing down the stair case ,with a vexed face she asked ,“Have you seen my Bebbo? I have searched everywhere in the house but I cannot find him, Mom”.

“Then it might be in the garden” before her mother said another word she rushed into the garden to see her white fluffy silky Bebbo, her cute pet dog with frosty little nose … but it wasn’t there….

Suzy became very gloomy… and as she turned back her Bebbo was standing there with its two little cute feet up which it always does on seeing Suzy in the morning.
Suzy ran towards her dog and hugged it and gave a kiss on its flat snowy forehead.

Meantime Suzy’s elder brother Samuel a tall, svelte, with brown hair and dark eyes, in an irritated tone “Hurry up! Suzy please leave your gruesome dog and get ready quickly or else like yesterday we will be late for school”.

Gnashing her teeth, she said “You are gruesome not Bebbo.It looks as if you were never late for school”

Then a big fight started between the two children hearing this Mrs. Ken came out of the house and scolded them “Suzy go up and take your school bag, quickly get ready, its already very late”.

She ran up and took her school bag and rushed down .The two children came to their mom and gave her a kiss and then they waved her good-bye

Suzy and Samuel were still angry with each other and did not talk a word. Bebbo followed the two kids to the bus stop....When the school bus reached... Samuel ran &got into it... Suzy meantime gave Bebbo a kiss and then she hurried off...........

Chapter 2: Return from School

At four, in the evening Suzy and Samuel came home from school. Suzy and her brother were still fuming with each other and have not talked since morning.
With chilled red face, both brother and sister entered their abode and at the gate, Bebbo was waiting for them & seeing the two children jumped with joy and softly barked with licking their hands. Samuel burst into tears of smile and hugged Bebbo, “We are the luckiest in the world, to get a cute little thing like you. I am sorry for calling you gruesome, my sister was right? Hearing this Suzy chortled…..
After sometime Samuel’s friend Tony came home, a thin fair guy with blonde hair, brown eyes and rabbit teeth, the same age of Samuel, he always wore torn pant, dirty shirt and most of the time barefoot… a poor boy who was once very rich ..Tony has a step-mother who is working as a sales-woman… she is very uncouth to Tony, thrashes him daily for no reason and treats him like a maggot and makes him do all the menial work like a slave, he was not sent to school where as his step-brothers Darick, Doan, Dian were treated like kings and given enough care, food, clothes and were sent to a nice school.. Tony’s father Charles had died some years ago in a car accident and his mother was dead at his birth, his life was from then on very wretched and repugnant. Samuel knew all about Tony’s distressing story& so he was very openhanded to him and treated him like a dear brother and often gave him clothes, cash, food and at free times he used to tutor him how to read and write & also made him to read newspapers daily so that he could learn how to read fast. The two friends usually spend the day together learning, playing and enjoying.
When Samuel came out of his room he saw Tony& both the kids along Suzy & Bebbo went out to play tennis……. Meanwhile Suzy’s best friend Pinky, a fourteen year old rich pretty girl with black eyes too joined them... All the four children played tennis in the playground, Tony and Samuel in one team, Suzy and Pinky in the other team and Bebbo busy getting the ball when thrown out. At last the girls won the game and by then it was dark. All the kids waved good-bye to each other & went back to their nests...
Samuel &Suzy as they reached home they had their body wash and then they sat down to study for two hours. After their dinner, as usual they merrily kissed their parents “GOOD NIGHT”. The kids went to their bedroom with their pet dog …they had two storey bed, on the top storey slept Samuel and on the lower one Suzy and Bebbo kept a watch on them as a dutiful friend, seated on the floor close to the bed of Suzy……


The next day like every morning the two kids along with their dog went to the bus stop. Suzy and Samuel waved good bye to Bebbo & who in return gave a lovely, squeaky little bark.
That day when the children returned home from school they could not find their sweet dog. They searched for him everywhere and then they ran to their parents and asked “Mom and Dad have you seen Bebbo?”
Mr. Ken said “He might be somewhere around, don’t worry kids when he is tired of hiding he will come back to you”.
Suzy crying “We have searched for him in every corner of the house he is not to be found anywhere neither we can hear his movements nor his barking”.
At this moment Pinky came there& seeing Suzy in tears, she felt very sad and asked “What is the matter, Suzy?
“Bebbo is not to be found anywhere, have you seen him” Suzy weeping.
Pinky said “Today I did not go to school as I had a very bad headache in the morning. From the balcony of my room I can see your house, I did not see Bebbo or hear its barking, I thought it might be sleeping ”.
Hearing this Suzy got more worried & she started weeping like a small tot… her brother, parents, &Pinky tried to calm her but they failed.
Her dad smiling “Come on…Suzy dear, it will be somewhere here and Iam sure will come back soon”.
Suzy was not able to bear the separation from her dear Bebbo & so her eyes was drenched with tears of pain...
Pinky with dizzy face uttered “Suzy, please hear me, sometimes your Bebbo goes to Linta’s house to play with her dog… Linta is very jealous of Bebbo… more over you are not in good terms with her …I suspect her… she might have given away Bebbo to some dog catchers…”.
Suzy started seething, she wiped her tears and said “Pinky lets go to Linta’s house and if she has done any harm to my Bebbo. I will do the same to her duff dog.”
Suzy’s mom warned “You may go to Linta’s house but remember don’t hassle with her, sometimes she might be innocent. I don’t think she is so nasty, her parents are very friendly with us.”
Suzy turned to her parents with an angry tone “Mom and Dad I know you like her but I hate her for I am sure that she has done some harm to my Bebbo…I don’t think Linta is kind but a fiend”.
Her parents didn’t say another word as they knew that Suzy was so confused and worried… Suzy’s dad said “See, I will seek the help of the police to trace the dog… any way, Best of luck dear & hope you find your Bebbo soon”.
All this time Samuel was standing near his parents he too wished her luck in finding her dog. As soon as Suzy and Pinky left, Samuel went to Tony’s house….
Samuel told Tony all about Bebbo...
Hearing this Tony requested “Please! Samuel, let’s go to where Pinky and Suzy are”.
Samuel chuckled “Suzy is mad about her dog …I know well that the dog will not leave her at any cost because the dog is also crazy of her. Well I am not going to see her now”.
Tony in a deep voice “What a brother you are, you can at least help Suzy in finding Bebbo, come lets go, don’t be poky”.
Samuel went with Tony to Linta’s house, but there Linta and Suzy were quarrelling with each other and poor Pinky trying her very best to calm Suzy, who behaved like an untamed animal. Linta was alone in the house her parents were not there........Meantime Tony, Samuel and Pinky pulled her away from Linta but Suzy still screaming “I will show you, you dirty creature.....”
Linta from the other end screaming “You are a donkey there is no use speaking to you”…then she vehemently banged the door..
Pinky breathing heavily “Suzy, please, cool down, don’t be so rude, hear me I think we are wrong, Linta has not taken your dog it might be somewhere else, please do come, let’s go from here”.
Tony came forward & entreated “Suzy come on... be patient, hear us, we all will help you in finding Bebbo”.
So all the four children went to many houses and places in search of Bebbo... but it was not to be seen anywhere… when it became dark, the four kids returned to their houses. Suzy was still very gloomy...When the kids entered their house they saw their parents sitting there so vexed…
Suzy ran up to her bedroom and started weeping like a toddler. Intervening time her mom came up & called Suzy for dinner but she was not willing to have food.
“Suzy, stop crying &come for dinner we are all waiting for you, Bebbo is not lost he will come darling”Mrs.Ken coaxed her…..


Suzy was distraught and annoyed because it’s been one week since Bebbo was missing… and no information about it... Pinky, Tony, Samuel, and Suzy had spent the whole week searching for Bebbo but there was no sign of him.
It was during this time Mrs. Ken’s brother came home... Seeing him Samuel ran & hugged him… Mr. and Mrs. Ken came out of the house and they felt all the more in high spirits to see Mr. Harri… Suzy came out of the house running & calling “Uncle Harri it’s so glad to see you.”
Uncle then came near Suzy and gave her a kiss on her forehead… He then took her next to the car and said “Suzy, my sweet child I brought you a surprise… Can you guess what it is?”
“No idea, Uncle Harri!”Suzy nodded….
Her uncle got into the car and took out a white fluffy dog and handed it to her… She got so astonished that the dog looked exactly like Bebbo & it licked her face in a tender way. “Suzy darling are you now happy… you always loved white feathery dogs that’s why I brought this for you” smiled Uncle Harri...
She unexpectedly looked at the dog’s neck, in its neck was tied a chain printed the name Bebbo… Suzy recollected that she and her brother had put this same chain around Bebbo’s neck some months back... She was now sure that it was her Bebbo itself - she cuddled it tightly and kissed it and she jumped gleefully with tears of joy flowing from her striking eyes.
“Suzy you seemed to be very cheerful, I cannot believe it… after you lost your Bebbo you have never been so happy” Samuel so dazed…
“Yes, I am very, very glad… Thanks a lot...Uncle Harri for giving back my lost dog” Suzy chuckled with excitement & others too joined the joy….
“The lost dog!!..You mean this is your lost dog…”Uncle Harri in a baffled tone….
“Yes uncle… this is my lost dog” Suzy merrily….
Then the whole family got inside the house. Suzy narrated to her dear Uncle Harri, the whole story……
“Uncle, how did you get this dog?”Samuel so flabbergasted…
“Two weeks back I gave an advertisement in the newspaper for a white fluffy dog of small size stating that I would pay a reasonable sum... Just after one week I got this dog from a young boy, he sold me this dog and I paid him a good ransom, he took the money so contentedly and rushed off. I brought it to give Suzy as a present as she loves dogs. Now I am all the more pleased that I could get for her the right dog she needed.”
“Can you recollect how the boy looked like?”Samuel requested……
Uncle Harri scratching his head “The boy who sold it to me was a tall fellow with grubby clothes; he had rabbit teeth, and blonde hair.”
Samuel said “Uncle you mean he was a very poor guy”.
“I think so... by his looks” Uncle Harri muttered…
At that instant Tony and Pinky came there. Seeing Tony, Uncle Harri called out in a shrill voice”Oh!!This is the boy who sold the dog to me, why has he come here.”
Tony was on pins and needles & fled from there hurriedly…
Samuel in alacrity supposed “You are mistaken, Uncle, he can’t be, he is my close companion, he can’t do such a thing.”
“Samuel, why do you think he ran away so fast seeing me. I am sure this same boy has sold me Suzy’s dog” said Uncle in a no doubt pitch…
Hearing this Suzy was taken aback & in a bemused say-so “Uncle Harri, I can’t believe this, Samuel please go and call Tony at once we have to know the truth”.
Samuel in tears ran off to the place where Tony was residing…. There he saw Tony, who looked so disgraceful & showed reluctance to speak to him…..
Samuel said “My dear Tony please hear me I really trust you but I want to hear from your mouth, It is true that you stole Bebbo?”
Tony snuffled “Samuel it is true, I stole the dog but don’t misread me ,I will tell you what had happened, please do hear me don’t be angry with me …my step-mother was very ill and we needed money very badly and there was not a single penny in my house and you know …all my step-brothers are small they cannot help, one day when I came to your house …the same day Bebbo was lost … I took away the gold chain which was lying on the table of your room… I knew I was very mean to do that but I couldn’t help. I sold the gold chain to a wealthy man. Bebbo had seen me stealing and he barked at me very shoddily as if to bite me, I somehow wanted to get rid of him... I decided to steal Bebbo and sell it off, yes I sold it to the man I saw in your house. Inspite of all this my step-mother was dead on that day and my step-brothers were all taken to the orphanage..but I hid everything from you … Samuel I am really very sorry at least you should try to understand me, I wanted to say you everything earlier.. but I couldn’t, I was so confused and I didn’t know how you would react to it..Samuel don’t you regret now for choosing me as a friend and trusting me, I am very selfish…give me any punishment, but do tell Suzy to forgive me, I am so sorry, I did not really mean to take Bebbo but harsh circumstances forced me to do such a cruel thing… I am so brutal to cheat a true and loving friend like you, I must be hanged or shot dead” cried Tony sulkily...
Samuel sympathized “Tony stop crying, I forgive you, I am sure Suzy too will forgive you, when she hears your heartbreaking story: Tony you did no wrong, you are so magnanimous to save your step-mother... you are great to save an another life you put yourself in danger &became a thief...I need a friend like you, I love you Tony, I would have also done the same thing to save a life, your step-mother who treated you so brutally, you had such a loving heart to forgive her and treat her so kindly… then why can’t we forgive you, an error becomes a mistake only when you refuse to correct it.. but you have found your error yourself and corrected it and now you regret about your error, that is enough my friend to prove your worth that you are still a good human being. Come on Tony forget everything and come with me.”
Samuel took Tony to his house… & they came to know about Tony’s heartrending story and felt sorry for him... Suzy pardoned him and Bebbo came up to Tony and licked his face.
“Bebbo I was so stupid, I am sorry my dear...Forgive this poor guy” Tony hugged Bebbo and sobbed…
Suzy pleaded “We want you to stay with us; don’t go Tony, we all love you?”
“I too love you &can never forget you all… but please let me go now….” whimpered Tony& not even looking back he went out of the house with a broken heart…….

The next day when Samuel and Suzy went out with Bebbo to the garden… at the gate was a parcel, Samuel ran towards the parcel and took it, on the parcel was written' From Tony to unforgettable forgiving friends'... Then Samuel quickly opened it… in the parcel Samuel found a gold chain and a letter. Samuel read the letter loudly...

My dear Samuel, Suzy &Bebbo
I am writing this letter with a lot of soreness; my heart weeps to leave you all but Iam helpless in the hands of fate….. I am going to the orphanage there I will be staying with my step-brothers and lots of other children like me,an apt place for guys like me.
I am enclosing in this small parcel the gold chain which I stole from your house… I somehow managed to get it back from the person to whom I sold it. You must accept it please or else I’ll feel all the more most awful.. Please don’t worry about me... Cheer up guys.
Thanks a lot for all your love and care……. If God wills we all will surely met again…till then bye…
Yours affectionate poor companion
The best condition in life is not to be so rich as to be envied nor so poor as to be damned………Accept the things to which fate binds you,&love the people with whom fate brings you together, but do so with all your heart…………….

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