Sunday, May 23, 2010


'Life is a flower of which love is honey...
There is nothing more lovely in life than the union of two people
Whose love for one another has grown through the eyes
from the small acorn of passion into a great rooted tree....'

To me today the simple looking lass of my reverie
Is the prettiest prized Princess in the whole universe
A concoction of all beautiful things of Nature seen as one
Your dream Name echoes in every beat of my cool caring heart
Your blushing Beauty is made known on my charming cute face
Your dewdrop Voice smoothen the flow of my blood through veins
Your seductive feminine Figure intoxicates me to a paradise of pleasure
Your mesmerizing Smile soothes me to a zenith of celestial delight
Your piercing enticing Eyes drown me in sugary nectar filled Loveland
Where you &me in each other’s comfy passionate arms
Where I can sense the warmth of your petal sensual touch

My Romantic sick heart is like a plain mirror
This reflects my profound amiable feeling for you
Your Endless waiting heart is like a dim hidden cave
This fears to expose what it wants to say indubitably
I believe in giving which is the grandeur of life &joy
Receiving &having is a tough thing of no much to enjoy
I will relentlessly pour out my infinite fondness to you
Even if you shut your door at me or crucify me
I have taken a vow; I will live with you or die with you
But never part with you &eternally chase you as your shadow
You are my lucky, lustrous, lovely, blooming flower
And I am your never give up loony lovable lover

Come to me soon, my Dream Girl! Take me along with you
Melt an ice cream kiss on my lips with your buttery bonbon lips
Sweetly whisper to my longing ears my pretty lady “I am always yours"

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