Monday, May 3, 2010


“I too am young, I have a dream, I dream of an India
Strong, independent and self-reliant
And in the front ranks of the nations of the world”
These were the words of a great human soul

Whose soul once dwelt among us
And now no more with us
You dwell far away in the house of God
A place where you are safe and sound
You lived a man like any of us
But did your duty with a difference

“All the world is a stage”
It is not the case with Indira’s son
For when you played with your life
To attain your longevity goal
It is for your nation that you lived
The great abnegation ever done by a man
Progress in all fields was your ultimate aim
What is there not in that grand soul?
That millions would not have
To possess all the duly persona
Beyond the precincts of an earthly man

When your life was snatched
India lost her gracious soul
For the nefarious devil who took your life
Is never a human being so shall I believe –?
For one who sees you, can never do such a cruel crime
You must be in Empyrean along with Jove still no peace of mind
Ever dreaming about your Motherland
You know no violence or revenge but conciliate
For when you will see the damned soul of those blind cut-throats
You would have requested God to pardon them
Such mellifluous, generous heart you have got
Hearing it the damned souls would have repented

“How devilish it is to kill a saintly person”
By then they would have cried aloud

Realizing their malicious foul
And have got ready to exterminate their souls

Your chaste widow &children’s sorrow
This is very painful & hard to borrow
Let it not come to anyone tomorrow
When your widow’s eyes clouded with dark tears
It tore the Nature’s heart into pieces
In front of her great husband’s scattered body
She stood to the east like an Asoka pillar
And to the west like a Hercules pillar
Mother India was mourning incessantly
To see her dear son in that dreadful sight
She had to return back to normal life
For her existing children’s welfare

Rajiv Mamu(uncle ) with all the respect I address you
For your sacrifice & hardships undertaken to save India
Wherever you are India’s son or Indira’s son
I pray ,Let Rajiv Mamu’s dreams become true forever.................

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