Thursday, January 5, 2012


A dream you dream alone is only a dream
A dream you dream together is reality...

On a lukewarm windswept midnight I saw my dream girl

We were seated in a cozy study room with plenty of books

We were lettering stories & sipping tea from same cup

Cracking jokes, chatting & chuckling with petty fights

Her amiable eyes profoundly gazing at me, she pinched me

I chased her round & round the table, oh! It was so fun

My fingertips touched her spongy floral fingers

Pure passion sprung in my skin for my pretty Lady

I lost my control by her magnetic glistening eyes

She captivated me like an iron pin, I drew closer to her

She blushed turning scarlet, with her eyes drooping down

I pressed my lips on her blushing lips with a deep French kiss

Unexpectedly we heard a boisterous roaring thud

She pulled herself from my sizzling arms & ran away…

Her father treaded in &threatened me never to meet her

The unchanged old story ‘the path of true love never did run smooth

'Being a 21st century cool person I enjoy changes

I reacted to it with poise “I will never give up

My heart as an autumn tree, I waited & waited for my girl

Separation between lovers serves the point of chastening

Enriching my love to the echelon of selflessness

I gallantly went to her abode, her Dictator Dad seated in front

Seeing me he frowned with a balloon face & yelled

How dare you come here,

she doesn’t want to see you."

I sadly spoke, “My pretty lady will never say that,

She is your daughter but today my life & light

I can hear her heart & see her mind better than you.”

Searching for her in her house my eyes drenched with ache

To find my dream girl in chains looked so pale &pathetic

When it is the Mighty God who connects lovers?

I speculate why the sadist Man disconnect them?

Her dad hurried in with his accustomed deafening voice

My poor kid torn between the love for a father & a lover,

She entreated “Iam pleased to pass away in chains

If not permitted to meet my perfect devoted soul mate.”

I requested to her dad , “Put me in chains along with my buddy

Jointly let us share the chains of pain ceaselessly.”

I kissed the dewdrops declining from her chained superb eyes

To set it free from worldly fears to flutter soaring eternally

In to that heavenly ecstasy of dreams together forever....

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