Friday, July 6, 2012

A Bouquet of Beautiful Birthday Wishes to My Most Gracious AKAMMA MOMMA-the epitome of sacrificial love-Indian Motherhood!

On July 6th &March 17th two lovely wonderful perfect moms were born to shower me with infinite love & care… Thanks a lot God… when I wish Happy Birthday to my AkAmma it is like wishing my mom with the belief she is still alive beside me …Your Birthday is the perfect day to let you know how much you mean to me but AKAMMA words are not enough to thank you for all the things you do & the love you give me every moment .....................

Mom is a thing of beauty, joy & love forever ….for every kid…Biology is the least of what makes someone mom it is not flesh &blood but the heart which makes us mom &kid……….Mom & Momma is a poem I’ll never be able to write though everything I write is a poem to my Mom &Momma…Amma &AkAmma’s image is still the deepest impressed in my heart ...All that I am or ever hope to be I owe to my 2 moms one in heaven My Amma,B.Sushama Das& one on Earth-My AKAMMA, D. BeenaThe sweetest sounds to mortals given are in mom the Magic in any language….God could not be everywhere & therefore he made Moms… My Amma /AkAmma means only motherhood-all love begins &ends there…..

                                MAMMA SWEET MAMMA
The real Goddess on this earth
When lost in deep thought
Children’s worries are never fought
All is murk where they look
And finds no one to break
Yes! Except the one
That is as grace as the pure nun
All their darkness changes into brightness
By Mammas shining mildness
When the sun shines
The world lightens
When the chaplet blossoms
It dulcify the nature with fragrance
When Mamma gives a lolly smile
All the worries are lost many a mile
Children’s heart fills with gladness
By the very moment of Mamma’s presence
I become a naughty naïve hyperactive kid always in the presence of my sweetest Amma then &AkAmma now …My AkAmma ,I am ever behind your tender care &my arms ever stretch for your maternal sari thump (tip of your sari )& I hunger for your urulla (ball of rice) stuffed with the ingredient of love , please feed me with your palms –though I never grew in your womb, never got your division of cells ,never tasted your breast milk, never knew you when I was born, never a blood relation or a close relative of yours… I am once again surviving in my AkAmma’s external maternal fluid filled womb of over flowing fondness, goodwill & care... In your charged cells of exuberant motherly energy I am existing with an exultant energetic life & feeding your overflowing milk of love, which repeats the historical Indian mythological fable the greatest bond of relation between a Mom & a naughty kid, Yasodha Amma& her foundling kid Krishna. Blood is thicker than water but here the relation shows water is the most essential to sustain & more expensive that even helps blood to stay alive. I survive as you brought me back to life... Anyway God has given me the same blood group that of my AkAmma … God made a wonderful AkAmma & in her I see My Amma …………

My Amma &AkAmma never grow old they are amiable Angelic figure
The exceptionally, earthly, gracious, generous, gorgeous ideal mothers
You are the faithful friend on whom I can depend, God’s glorious light on this earth
You are an eternal song of divine love in my heart of comfort & bliss
You are the ever shining compassionate sight in every path of life
You are worth more than all the gold & gems in the world
You are Heaven’s sincerest affectionate dweller the visible God
You are Almighty’s most prized beautiful gift with soothing charisma
Your long black curly hairs waves in the breeze ever reminding of warmth
Your glowing doe eyes like stars illuminate the brightest ray of affection
Your undying sweetest smile of sunshine with porcelain teeth radiates serenity
Your cheeks placed with fair dew primroses brings tranquility
You opened to me the path of truth & blessed me with knowledge & courage
You gave hope when life was low & have a very special way of cheering me up
You embraced me with joy, smile & grace &taught me to forgive &forget & led me to enjoy the life
You share my dream & add to my esteem& made me to appreciate the beauty
You touched me with so much care & love with all your heart
You make me feel I am never alone & to whom I hurry when feel troubled
You look upon my problem as your own& guided me in difficulty
You are a sheltering maternal tree of love under which I want to grow up once more as your own Naughty
My Amma & Akamma’s nest is the best home for me……..
So I still need you to love me , take care of me , to understand me , to know me, to cry on , you would be there for me & never throw me out of your life, Mom who miss me & to know your Naughty loves you beyond anything.
More fragrant than the sweet smelling flowers
More softer than butter & petal of roses
More beautiful than the eyes of the peacock
More sweeter than the honey
Is the love of my Amma & AkAmma which is infinite & incessant……….
Flowers need sunshine, Plants need water and all beings need air,God& Mom in Heaven know I need Momma my beautiful AKAMMA, You are the sunshine, water, air &everything to make me to carry on…I feel like rushing to you, bowing down to your maternal feet for your blessings& carrying you around showering you with ummaas (kisses ) &singing loudly blissfully… Happiest Best Birthday Wishes to My Sweetest AKAMMA MOMMA…love is an image of God & not a lifeless image.. My Amma&AkAmma is an image of Maternal love&MOM is a symbol of ever love& forgiveness even if the kid has no trust or faith in Her still MOM is the most trustful faithful friend a kid can ever have ...I love you a lots…My AkAmma I need you every time & you will live within me forever…GOD BLESS YOU WITH A VERY LONG ,PROSPEROUS,HEALTHY& LOVELY LIFE & LET THERE BE EVER  YOUR NAUGHTY TO SHOWER YOU WITH ENDLESS LOVE &CARE..............................
AMMA,AKAMMA,MIA,MOM,MOMMA,MUMMY,MA,MAMMA,MATHA,MATHRA,AMMI,UMMI,AMMACHI,UMMICHI,THAI & so on … like God has many names so do our beloved mothers whatever the name MOTHER is always our VISIBLE GOD…….
MY AMMA& AKAMMA's favourite momma songs...Dedicated to all loving moms.....
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