Friday, August 6, 2010

IMMORTAL LOVE- Beauty is the Gift of a Lover!!!

When love is your greatest weakness, you will be the strongest person in the world...In life love is neither planned nor does it happen for a reason but when you find the real love it becomes your plan for life &reason for living…Love looks not with the eyes but with the mind and heart… But love is blind & love cannot see the pretty follies that themselves commit …When love is not madness it is not love…There is nothing holier in this life of ours than the first consciousness of love..We are all born for love it is the principle of existence &it’s only end.........................

Desdemona a young Venetian fair & lovely of several virtues
Fell for the middle aged dark Othello of tough qualities
John Keats the romantic poet who said ‘A thing of beauty is a joy forever’
Fell for the unattractive Fanny Brawne who radiated inner beauty&passion
Shakespeare’s striking love hero Romeo in his mid youth even opposing his family
Fell for the fourteen year old lovable Juliet &stayed with her even in death
Isabella the young woman of a noble family went against her brothers
Fell for Lorenzo her brother’s employee & after his death
she buries his head in a pot of basil which she tends obsessively while pining away
Alexander the great conqueror a rumour had a close emotional relationship
Fell for his dear friend general & body guard Hephaestion son of Macedonia

Orpheus the Greek legendary singer& musician charmed even Gods with his songs
Fell for Eurydice the beautiful oak nymph whom he marries & later loses her to the underworld
King Edward of British Empire abdicated his throne for 'The woman I love
Fell for an American Lady Wallis Simpson& their love bloomed into an historical romance

Lord Krishna the Lotus eyed charming youthful Prince of Mathura
Fell for Radha a gopika &together their passion &devotion contribute the absolute truth

Goddess Parvati the rebirth of Sati a stunningly princess of Himavan
Fell for Lord Siva an ascetic yogin who wears five serpents as ornaments
Usha a lovely princess saw a dream of her future lover
Fell for Anirudhan the grandson of Lord Krishna & they united after a great struggle
A good-looking supercilious Princess of a majesty kingdom
Fell for Kalidas a blockhead but handsome who later became ‘the Indian Shakespeare’
Prince Salim the spoilt sweet son of Emperor Akbar& the heir of wealthy Mughal Empire
Fell for a sixteen year old blossoming beauty Anarkali the slave girl
Heera a fine-looking girl of an affluent family
Fell for Ranjha a poor talented flutist to end as one
King Dusyanta of a mighty kingdom with a deep passion
Fell for eye-catching Shakuntala an apsara’s daugther to join at last
Laila a prosperous gorgeous girl living a life of opulence & luxury
Fell for a vagabond & beggar Majnu & in death they remained united
Mahiwal a rich trader took the guise of a buffalo herder
Fell for Sohni a potter’s pretty daughter &they drowned as star crossed lovers
Prithviraj Chauhan the King of Delhi very valiant & chivalrous
Fell for enemy’s daughter beauteous Samyuktha the Princess of his dreams
Together they escaped on a horse under her father's nose & lived in joy

Rajiv Gandhi the charismatic smiling pilot & son of great Indian Prime minister
Fell for a Christian Italian beauty Sonia of a middle class family reminds of their promises & faith
Indian screen romantic king cute Shahrukh khan a real life romantic lover
Fell for Gauri a girl of different religion to become an adorable romantic hubby

Gigi Chao a beautiful daughter of a billionaire tycoon fell in love with a tomboy girl Sean Eav

Her dad was against their passionate relation
offering billion dollars to a man

who could persuade his daughter to marry him

She was daring and married her heart fond partner of nine years incredible love story

Kanchanamala a Hindu Moideen a Muslim both from landlord families and friends

They loved sincerely his father stabbed him 22 times and she was house arrested for 22 years

He was drowned in river and even after 3 decades she lives as a virgin widow of a bachelor
All these love stories are ever marked in history with golden letters
Never to perish but will cherish in the minds of all caring beings
All those who stood against or objected the true lovers
For sure had withered away in oblivion forever
I always wondered how people fell madly in love
Oh! when I saw my dearest Dream Girl
Cupid’s love arrows pierced my heart infatuated with passion
My world seemed to be lit by her amiable presence
As she came in my life everything had changed
My girl is an ordinary looking lass with all intrinsic worth
To me she is more appealing than all the celestial beauties
Her affable nature reminds me of the mythological noble ladies
Sita,Savitri, Parvati,Arundhati,Gandhari,Lopamudra,Penelope
All quintessence of sacrificial & chaste wifely fidelity & fondness
Her black eyes dazzled like lightening reminds me of Damayanti
An impossible beauty that intoxicated Nala who even lost his sense

Her shimmering smile reminds me of Goddess Lakshmi
That obsessed Lord Vishnu to never part with her
Her romantic poems remind me of Elizabeth Browning
That made Robert Browning elope with her objecting her dad
If I am the emperor like Shahjahan I would erect countless Taj Mahal
For my Dream Queen The love elegy written in marble a wonder of the world
Come!My Sweet Lady give an immortal kiss with your honey butter lips
It will be more sweeter than that of Helen of Tory or the sweetest a lover can get
My pretty Flower it’s up to you to give me a beautiful life by your side
Or it’s up to you to ravage me like Devdas with a tragic pining end
Oh! Darling Dazzling Dream Dame you gave me the bliss of eternal love
I will keep on waiting for you as long as I can even if it means forever
How true I agree, Immortal Love – Beauty is the Gift of a Lover!!!
Deep love is unmindful of caste,creed,religion,age,wealth,gender,
nation,position of the lover & the beloved..............
True love never always triumphs & outlive all tempests & times.........
Time is lost for who hate, Time is waste for who worry, Time is long for who dream, Time is short for who rejoice, Time is great for who work,Time is eternal for who love……Time creates all beings &Time destroys what is created but Time can never destroy true love that is what history taught us & that is what future will teach us… when true love knocks at door don’t forget to welcome it happily for it’s a very rare thing for it isn’t always delivered to our door!!

Dedicated to my one and only Dream girl my love,life and light...and also to all the lovers of this wonderful world..........


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  1. Adhi!!WOW!! a fantastic creative work at a glance we get to see all the lavers of the world!