Tuesday, July 27, 2010

My prized soul

If ever I were to sing so sweetly
It will be only about my soul eternally
So valuable so laudable so candidly
My tone would become a spirit in its charisma
It is the inflowing ecstasy in me
It shows no wretchedness no weariness
It is a mystic of inner cheerfulness
It is bodied with blood and fleshy tissue
The divinity of virgin wholesomeness
Incessant dynamism dominance
Unseen genuineness exuberance
It is the vision of daylight
That makes me more delight
An enchantment that is untouched
With any worldly sanity unmatched
My genuine trinkets lie in it
If it departs, I am no more than a deceased animal protein
I urge to thee! To take heed of my precious soul
If not my most obligatory Body...

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