Tuesday, July 27, 2010


We are misplaced in our world

Where we can on no account find
To facilitate authenticity and cheerfulness
Still only misapprehension and wretchedness
We sink with warfare ,population explosionand pollution
We sink with exploitation corruption and criminalization
We sink with poverty starvation and discrimination
We are sinking slowly slowly
Raise us our god swiftly swiftly
We weep trouble of torture startle us
Wounds of slaughter drag us
We are selfish and comatose there is no extension
We perish we die an unnatural extermination
God grant us wings from intricacy to flee
To soar so free of change with glee
Blessed with enfranchisement and eternal bliss
Ubiquitously overflowing with sibling kiss
Furthermore continue with oneness pride
For we are the world
One world family……….

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