Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Every human life has a pounding heart

Every human life has a yearning mind
Every human life has a thirsting soul
But still human life is a mystifying obsession
That puzzled many &will puzzle many more
It is like a black cat in a very dark room
Oh! The human life the trickiest riddle yet unsolved
In just one entire expedition of one's short span of life
What hurts the human life the most?
Yes! It is the loss that occurs in the walk of our life
Loss can be of any sort still it is a loss which is severely felt
God is so powerful, He who gave memory to us
Also make us to forget at times, sometimes for good
Loss can be of wealth& health or any other worldly thing
But to Mankind the greatest loss up to date &will be
Loss of love &parting life especially of dear ones close to heart &soul
Whatever may come &go the profound loss grows heavier day by day
The wounds of which will never heal
Will ever remain as an imprinted scar
To recall the bitter realities of life we face
That tears us at moments even in utter joy
That reminds us we are only human beings not superpower
Oh! Mankind we who cannot call back the parting life
For there is no other chance or no other life
For it is here only we can love, live & die
God has endowed us with the strongest weapon Love to resist loss
Why do we forget to use the mighty precious weapon in our lifetime?
For this life is not in our hands forever
When a real call arrive, you & me all have to exit
Then what are we waiting for, let’s awake & lend endless love
To ones who really love us &to whom we love in this life itself!
Loss is inevitable in life something from which no Man can getaway .
When loss occurs in our life we taste the bitter agony & pain
Alas! It is dreadful but someway we recuperate yet not fully
We start to empathize with other’s loss
That makes us a better triumphant affectionate Human being!

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