Saturday, August 18, 2012


In the south west of India surrounded by three seas enchanting many
Lies a Beauty Queen with all exquisiteness and comeliness and surging back waters
Breathing out fresh air enclosed with coconut trees and lush evergreen carpets of freshness
Adorned with various hues of water lilies and lotuses and all flora and fauna
She celebrates the reward of Nature every year in the Malayalam month of Chingam
She becomes a blooming bride with youthful grace and charisma in the harvest fest
Ready to greet the virtuous King Mahabali a sacrificial ruler
Whose time reminds of no discrimination, no barrier but only oneness
Under whose idyllic reign people enjoyed freedom, bliss and equality at the peak
Our God’s own country was a true heavenly paradise once upon a time
There was no crime, no corruption, no egoism, no theft and no hatred
Which the modern man can never imagine about such a past glorious Utopia
Pookalam an intricate multihued display of flowers lay on the floor for ten days
Makes a gorgeous welcoming floral mat in the front of every home
Women gussy up in heavy jewels and in new white set saris
Lends a pleasing smile like Angels lit up with glowing lamps
Sharing merry moments with songs and Thiruvathira dance,a feast to the eyes
The kids in ritzy clothes all jubilant to enjoy every occasion to the ceiling
Watching and joining in all Onamkali, flower jamboree and Pullikali
With peace and prosperity swing in every life spreading a lot of fun
Packed with diverse entertainments and for many Kathakali is a must
Boat Palliodan floats down with blowing music and drum beatings
Torches are lit and snake boats accompany with processions
Wow! What an amazing scene it is to see the boat race
With hundreds of men rowing with the beat of drums and cymbals
The impressive spread of delicacies is served in the plantain leaf is relished for years
Without this tasty tonic Onamsadhya grand fest the celebration is never complete
Oh! This season of joy is gradually becoming only a syrupy memory
In the fresh minds of all Indian Malayalees
Come! Let us share with many, our God’s own country’s festival Onam
That unites all the people of Kerala regardless of religion and race
Let’s revive and renovate her natural graciousness and innocence back to her…
Wishing A VERY HAPPY ONAM to all my near and  dear ones and also to all my Indian Malayalalee brothers and sisters of this wonderful World., LET HAPPINESS& PEACE SWING IN YOUR LIFE! WISH YOU ALL THE BEST WITH BEST PRAYERS FOR THIS ONAM........LET US ALL CELEBRATE WITH JOY!


  1. oh its nice......
    lovely festival..from gods own country....