Friday, August 13, 2010


Learn some moral lessons from Computer...

Delete: Hatred & Ego

View: other's feelings &emotions

Edit: our mistakes

Format: our manners

Find: Fault within us

Refresh: our mind & soul

Cut: our bad traits

Copy: good traits from others

Undo: sin to others

Preview: think twice before taking any decision &

please see to that don’t send the above written things into the Recycle Bin…

Have a look at some of the terms that changed its meaning by the arrival of the Computer….

Application: was for employment

Program: was a TV show

A Cursor: used profanity

Keyboard: was on a piano

Compress: was what you did to garbage &not something you did to a file

Unzipped: if you unzipped anything in public you would be in jail for a while

Log on: was adding wood to a fire

Window: an opening on the wall

A hard drive: was a trip on the road

Pasting: you did with glue

Cutting: you did with a pocket knife

Backup: happened to the commode

Web: was where a spider lived

Virus: was flu

Mouse pad: is where a mouse lived

Please do send in more new computer terms that had a different meaning before…..


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