Thursday, September 9, 2010

Dowry the Dreadful Disease...

Thousand maids die
Of some who suicide
Few brides are burnt in fire
By their mother-in –law we often hear
Sometimes obsequious, posh ladies,
They often stay unmarried
In many families they tend to do ugly deeds
Where many female babies had been killed
People wonder why
For why do all these happen?
We can hear for one reason
It is because of dowry
In one loud voice the mankind they cry

When did dowry start?
Nobody had found out that
What is the meaning of Dowry?
It is the property or money,
Brought by bride to bridegroom
In some very old epics
It is often said in those times
During the marriage time
In rich &royal families,
For fun & merry
They used to give Dowry
Now not for happiness & fun,
Dowry is being given
But it is forcefully been taken
Not only from rich but poor also

Dowry has exterminated many families too
Everyone does know
That Dowry is a Belial now
Then why still we continue this system
Some numskull ninny men,
Are so very mean
For they twister the jane
Mainly for money to be taken
Where never glory to the ladies is given
In some countries men too have to pay
If they were to marry

For the first time the government didn’t check
So the old good system changed into new dreadful sick
Then how can a country develop
With all these abject set up
Think of ways how to obliterate
This malignant, dreadful disease
We cannot blame the wishy-washy regiment
They too tried their best to obdurate
The malarkey, mullock sanction
The doctors were not prehensile
To treat this deadly ill
It can be helped by young men &women
They go forward in throng
Giving the promissory
To occlude the Dowry
During the time they marry
Then it becomes a doddle
Where no doctors or regiment needed
For then the dreadful disease for sure
Can be completely cured
Then we can prognosticate
Our country in dulcify
Where there is always success & merry marry...
Do not marry for money.It is cheaper to borrow!...

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