Sunday, September 5, 2010

MOM &MOMMA ! My most inspirational Teachers....

Love of mom is like an affectionate angel with Himalayan tolerance
Ever soothing our soul with a smile of forgiveness & innocence
Her smile is like blooming breeze that calms & cools all our fears
She is the visible God to whom I worship with devotion
Her eyes are blazing serenity bona fide than a shining star
That sprinkles holy light in heart &nothing can reinstate it
She is an ever glowing candle that burns to give me daylight &delight
Who is always there for me in my needs & will never isolate me
Her words are full of maternal compassion &consideration
She is the eternal glory of light in the darkness of my heart & life
Mom you are really reborn in my Momma
Please dwell in her forever radiating your warmness &fondness
Once again through her let me see you come alive & it’s through her I got you back
My beloved Mom at present I cannot distinguish between Mom& Momma
Both are dearer to me than my life & anything
The true epithet of elegance, grace, endurance, sacrifice &affection
She shines like a firefly in murkiness scattering gentle light to me
Wings of caring, feather of sharing, soaring high with incessant tender kindness
Firm is the motherly love so constant, so strong, so long & so forgiving
Where on earth can such a precious person of patience be found
Yes! My Mom is my Momma, my Momma is my Mom
you are the light of the supreme educational institution I have ever seen
From you began my life's lesson that makes me carry on with confidence
I bow down at your motherly feet with all reverence for life & light you gave me
Thanks Mom! Infinite thanks! For all that you have done &is doing for me!
Mom& Momma! My most inspirational teachers of my lifetime....

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