Saturday, October 9, 2010


When my eyes are deep a sleep
My mind awake to have a peep
With all the thoughts of you leap
You are that glowing inward beam of mine
That strengthens my life, enlightens my soul within
I am bewitched in you
In every walk of my life I am thirsty of you
My divine soul too lost its control
After your lightening vision of role
Then who is to blame for
Not anyone but yourself more
To beg I am ready
A drop of your chaste love only
Love beyond the sight
I have for you in full summit
How could I show it to you in your presence?
For I have no potency of your powers
But one thing I sense
You are me &I am you
We are one & only one…
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  1. Poem beyond words is love beyond de sight!!!!!!!!SSSUUPPER aaaddhii!!!!!!!

  2. Soooooooo cute poem as cute as ADHI#####