Thursday, November 11, 2010


One fine day God send an Angel mercy for the suffering destitute of this earth
She was born in Albania as Agnes, a little girl whose heart fell for the poor
At eighteen when most girls would think of building their own family and run after pleasures
She requested her Mom for consent to become a nun and serve the world as her family
When as a young Principal an inner call came to help the poorest of the poor
She left her career to engage in full service to humanity as a whole
A European who could have easily led a comfortable life in the west
She came to east and picked India as the perfect host for her selfless service
The tiny lady in the blue bordered white sari set an example through her action
She brought the world together by her love and dedication to serve the deprived
A natural problem solver who gave care and medication to many patients
She proved to be a superb administrator reminding us serve Man serve to God
She broke barriers with love, moved mountains with faith with her most intimidating eyes
Many are busy delivering plenty to add population explosion absorbed in our family comforts
Yet the families are not leading a peaceful life only more break ups
Forgetting the deserted orphans in the surroundings who need us
Oh! Selfish beings open our eyes to the suffering siblings of our home Earth
Millions of kids born to married and out of wedlock people she became a Mom
She started Shishu Bhavans for the abandoned infants and joyfully did her work
A graceful nun, a saviour, a caring firm Mother of gutters, so kind and considerate
She looked after the lesser ignored uncared kids of God making them rich by her fondness
She was intensity personified while meeting people dealing with their problems
A potent communicator who reached the hearts of those who listened to her
Who spoke of simple things, of loving, caring, sharing and soothed troubles in the suffering world
A pencil in the hands of God who provided a safety net for homeless by opening many centers
She set up hundreds of school that lifted poor kids from a desolate life on the streets
There are many to play with kids but a few to take care of discarded people in their death bed
World was touched by the deep human concern she had shown to many
When she worked in great difficulties she never lost her sense of humour and heavenly wisdom
A mother with an absolute strength of a deep spiritual kind and with a force inside her
Her peace contrasted with who fought and killed in the name of a revolutionary future
She was perhaps the best user of science for human welfare and won the Nobel peace
Mother’s beatification and soon to follow sainthood are testimony to this abiding faith
I never met her I speculate why some things have no elucidation; I lament it to the most
Calcutta the blessed city of Mother Teresa loves her even today
For her incredible bond of love between Mom and her kids
Oh! Dearest sincere sacrificial Mother of faith and fondness
The world will not see another Mother Teresa in the future
Who worked for all her life single minded with full of warmth and simplicity
Life is her message she remains matchless even today and practiced what she preached
“Let every action of mine be something beautiful for God and no life should be left unloved.”
Greatest Thanks to the most beautiful universal Mom of compassion to all

I bow down with reverence to the supreme Mom of compassion Mother Teresa &also to my Sushama Amma ,Beena Amma & to all the loving Moms of this world……..


  1. KUDOOZZ 2u adhi the writer for writing a charming poem on de great deeds of mother Teresa^^^ yes she is the true mother 2all a wonderful work undertaken by you your title is great <<<

  2. HELO!!!you seemed to have done a lot of homework while writing this poem on mother teresa ,done it VERY Well aaaadddhi

  3. there is none in all this cold and hollow world ,no font. of deep strong,deathless love,save that within a mother's heart.mother of all a selfless mother:MOTHER TERESA ;;; this is a poem which shows in brief her history & you wrote it in simple style with a deep knowledge about her deeds;;;well done adhi;;;

  4. < I love& respect mother Teresa a lot & admire her great works !an outstanding poem dear cousin!>

  5. a very very good poem on a very very beautiful mother@@@@ you are very very rockinggg@@@@@@@@

  6. Mother Teresa carried the message of hope, care &lave for all those who were orphan ,destitutes, diseased .she was indeed a universal mother a divine figure who discovered richness of life in the service of humanity—a lots of praises to ADHI for having written a pleasing poem on the greatest mother in the world. Praise the lord.

  7. Mother Teresa was one of the great servants of humanity. She was an Albanian Catholic nun who came to India and founded the Missionaries of Charity in Kolkata.Iam deeply touched by your poem;you have wrote on a very nice subject well done dear;;;

  8. Beautiful and well versed lines.
    We all love Mother you rightly said