Friday, January 6, 2012

‘AKAMMA’ My visible Soul Mom

Mom is the biggest gift of God to all human being, believe it or not she is the real queen, she protects her kid and not mean..the magic of  Mother brings harmony and bliss, it comes with a blanket and cures boo-boos with a Mommy kiss..
On a clouded Good Friday when the world was mourning
Paying reverence to Lord Jesus Christ’s great sacrifice and love
God came close to my sweet ‘Amma’ mom
Clasped her special adorable hands and took her to heaven
Leaving me a solitary child ever sorrowing shattered and lonesome
That same unforgettable year a graceful angel appeared to me
Vanishing the dark clouds surrounding me 
Filling with a cascade of light of compassion for me
Wiped away with her amiable fingertips my lonely desolate tears
Dripping down from my eyes ever searching for my lost mom
Held me close to her bosom with blooming motherly tenderness of care
Fed me yummy mommy ‘urullas’ rice rolls 
now my favourite dish with her busy pleasant palms
Sometimes clasping my little finger she carried me 
To her motherly nest nourishing and nurturing me
Once again I turned into a bubbly kid in her maternal presence of mesmerizing fragrance
Through her wide gracious eyes I could see a paradise of never ending mommy emotions
Her generous heart filled with affection always silently whispered to my ears
“All these years my sari ‘thump’ tip was ever waiting for your stretched arms
As my soul reminded me there is a child born for me, the child of my heart
I am enjoying my motherhood with my naughty boomerang my dream baby..”

You will be ever My beloved 'AKAMMA' my visible soul mom
You are my lost mom the greatest precious gift of God send to me
You have instilled a vibrant energy by giving me rebirth and revival
Dear momma even if I put the whole universe at your feet is not enough
Dear momma even if I say a countless thanks is not enough
Dear momma even if I leave my life at your doorstep is not enough
For what you have given to me ‘a mother sweet mother of mine.’

Not flesh of my flesh,not bone of my bone, yet still very much i am your own,never forget for one sinlge minute that I grew not under your heart but in it and will be there forever as your own kid your naughty dreambaby...for the best Momma who always had a smile for you alot my dearest AKAMMA..

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