Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Are we the real loser or winner??..

All of us are putting paint on our natural gifted face
To hide the true self to be a phony pretender winner
But how long will we be wearing this tinted artificial show
All banks, ranks, masks and tasks we have to leave behind and exit
We will lose things that we hold so close to our hearts dear and near
We will lose all our aspirations, illusions, passions and emotions
We will lose ourselves forever giving a farewell to our beautiful home
A home where we built up a life filled with wishes, dreams and hopes
A home we created for ourselves thinking never to leave one day
A home where we shared our relationships, enmities and strangeness with many
A home where we have to bide valediction to one and all on an unexpected day
We are all blind behind every materialistic luxuries and pleasures
Crazy to snatch fame, name, money, position, status and all worldly gains
Avoiding the beauty of rain, fragrance of flowers, soothing sea, breezy breeze
Avoiding everything that can infuse in us natural serenity of harmony and peace
Avoiding the Mother Nature in real life to end in her womb everlastingly
Avoiding the sincere heart that cares and loves us genuinely
In this mad rush we forget to notice true love that follows us
When time comes to make us realize the love we ignored it will be beyond our reach
Feeling loved and cared for is a great self esteem booster and boosts the will to live
Yet with wealth we chase from where we can buy mental and physical health
Mother Nature nurtures us and we forget our true religion and home is our earth
Continuous toil in life is preparing us to end our life in the soil
There is nothing like the winner or loser here in the world
In true sense no one is a winner; the fact is we all are losers
Only God is the ultimate true winner who decides what we are
Still our stressed selfish mind wants to know are we the real loser or winner...

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