Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Come back again/\^^^^/\

                              You awesome girl of mine what’s gone wrong with you
You made me a crazy wild vampire searching everywhere for you
You came as a virgin new moon in my twilight days
Filling my life with zing by removing the eclipse by your presence
Iam going wacky so forlorn in the hours of darkness in your absence
Miles and miles away you are but our tender twin souls twine so near         
Do visit me every midnight as you did to share our obsessive dreams
Till  breaking dawn let me smell your sweet scent blood which is mine
You enjoyed me a lot when I played with you a lot laughing silently
You allowed me to taste your blood and skin with serenity and liking
Now never leave me to wither away in hunger thinking of you
Come back again my Angel into my bower to make me a loving living human

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