Friday, March 2, 2012

I will break all rules to hold your hands##

As days pass my eyes weeps
As months pass my heart pangs
As years pass my mind moans
Do you feel the same feel as I do or is it only for me?
To face the reality the loss, the panic of losing my twin soul
Knowing I may lose you I love you from the insight of my soul
Yet I am just waiting and waiting even if it will be lone waiting
I set my mind to forget you but it rejects not in this life
I tried to toss you out from my heart but it will stop devoid of you
If one day your bliss lies in holding some other hands
I shall let you go even if my entire life drape in darkness and gloom
You better know for your joy is higher for me than mine
Without a nodding signal of yes on your side
I back off each time not knowing who is in your mind
 If on a fine day I find I am the special one in your mind
Whom you love beyond imagination and expression
A hope of light will sparkle in my life to live
I will break all rules to hold your hands and flee free from all chains##


  1. Don't keep the just a dream,make it happen.. :)
    try never give up...

  2. thanks ma dear little friend Surya..Ya iam trying my best never to give up..i luv to dream&make it happen.God love u