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NEVER PLAY WITH LOVE # (A true short story)

               BEAUTY doesn’t make love but love makes BEAUTY;
                   BREAK everything but never BREAK the HEART;   
HEART is the music, PLAY it but never play WITH it.

Heart is equal to a mirror.

Mirror shows reflection and Heart shows affection.
Both have one equal quality, can’t be reformed once broken

Love comes to our life in different ways sometimes as affectionate mom, as defending God, as compassionate siblings, as passionate lover, as sacrificing spouse, as caring relatives, as forgiving friends, as innocent kids, as loving fellow beings, as smiling strangers, whatever part the love plays it plays with our life forever making a change and leaving a mark either to make us a loser or a winner. The glorious autumn season comes back every year withering away yellow tinged leaves from the beautiful trees but spreading that exquisiteness and magnificence all over the place, there is an aged withering grandmamma who showers affection and bliss to the light of her life her only grandson Arian Hanks a handsome young man in thirties. He lost his parents in a plane crash when he was barely ten years old and ever since he was nurtured by his grandmother Irene Hanks a retired nurse. She taught him, fed him, played with him and was always for him. He was a studious boy and became a dentist as his granny wished. Grandmom and grandson enjoyed a lot in each other’s company and to Arian his grandma’s happiness was everything to him. Irene wanted her grandson to bring home a bride. Arian was a polite modest guy who wanted to marry a girl who would be close to his granny and himself and had a lot of dreams about his would be bride like any other bachelors . As days and months went by he could never find the woman of his heart. Whenever he attended parties scores of nice-looking girls of the town flirted with him but he never gave his heart to none as he was waiting eagerly for the girl of his dreams to appear in front of him.

Dr. Arian Hanks was quite a popular dentist in his locality with a generous heart who did his duty well 24x7 hours where many patients visited him and he treated them unreservedly who had financial difficulties .One day in his clinic a young lady named Dementra Regan arrived with teeth problem. She was very friendly and very pretty with long wavy silky tresses of brunette, immaculate hazel eyes, her voice was soft sugary and her tongue never got tired of chatting and as she came close to Arian he could feel a blustery breezy breeze tickling him wholly and his cool cheery heart for the first time fell flat for a woman he felt like he was awake from anesthesia. Dementra visited several times to the clinic to set her teeth in proper shape, she was very beauty conscious and Arian gave her special care without taking the fees except the rate of medicine. Each time she came their heart grew closer he was ever bowled by her hazel eyes that fluttered very passionately at him soon she became a regular visitor to his house and became close to Irene. A year passed. Once in an autumn season under a tree Arian confessed his love to Dementra who was the dream woman of his heart who he was waiting for years as if his search was over and she promised to be his forever and they kissed for the first time. She was doing her graduation in fashion designing and her dream was to be a famous modeler and one day to be a beauty queen .He was ready to wait for her and her dreams. Dementra lived with her parents and her elder sister who had a small kid. Her parents owned a stationery shop and were facing financial crisis and her sister a divorced woman who worked as a receptionist in a nearby hospital.
                                                          “You are, and always have been, my dream.” 

Dementra finished her graduation as a topper as she was good at studies and wanted to take up her lifetime dream of modeling for that she needed to go to the most fashionable city away from hometown. To fulfill her dream was not easy for that she required a lot of money which she could not afford.  Arian who knew her dreams did everything for her and saw to that all her wishes were fulfilled and incurred all the expenses. On the day of parting he embraced her and they kissed with parting tears in their eyes. She left her hometown along with her dad to her dreamland .When she reached the new place everything seemed so weird and different .She felt very difficult to adjust as the people over there were not so naive as the people of her town, they seemed very arrogant and self-seeking, there was a competitive spirit everywhere and it seemed only the fittest survived reminding of Darwin’s evolutionary theory. One who could not win seemed lost and lived a dog’s life. There was an audition test for new modelers, Dementra got selected, as among the lot she was the most gorgeous with a classic figure .On the third day when her father departed leaving her in a rented apartment, there were tears in her shimmering hazel eyes but she need to go ahead to win her dreams so she wore a mask of audacity. At times she missed Arian a lot and he too missed her, every day they would call each other. As days went by due to her frantic schedules she never attended his calls or replied his SMSes. As months went by there was a drastic change in her behavior, she got intoxicated in the fashion world. One year passed so fast. Many well heeled strangers around her exploited her beauty, innocence and youth. They even molested and misused her, at first she stood strong objecting their devilish advance but soon she was playing according to their mislead tunes. Entangled in new relationships, weird affairs and risky lifestyle infatuated with sensual pleasures, luxuries, parties and fame, she forgot her beautiful past, she broke the  promises to the man who loved her beyond everything and deserted  all her dear ones who made her reach her dreams. For her now strangers were sweeter and attractive than the innocent ones who trusted, loved and cared for her all these years. She rarely contacted her near and dear ones. To make her stand firm in the elite artificial society, to attain fame and riches, she was at any cost ready to sell her precious soul to evils’ delight and shared her bed with affluent guys.

Her illicit affair with Mr. Leo Lawrence a man in late forties was the talk of the elite society, he was a wealthy billionaire businessman in fashion field who has made many a beauty queens and famous modelers, were many pretty sexy chicks fell a prey to his trap and exploited them to the utmost, to him changing girls was like changing underwear, he enjoyed being a womanizer and boozer…Mr. Lawrence was two times married man with three kids. There was a rumor that he was going to marry his current flame Dementra Regan. She was now the most paid popular modeler who won the beauty contest as a second runner up just missing a point for the Miss World Crown as she couldn’t answer a question well. Leo Lawrence ever surrounded her with expensive gifts, a new posh luxury apartment ,costly cars, jewels and so on  in return she gave her up to him several times. Their live-in- relationship became the gossip of the sophisticated city and his ex girlfriends were all green with envy for he could raise the amounts and popularity of any girl in the modeling field in a day.It is the glamour and the money that some of the beauties go for,like the moths that fly towards gleaming lights. Leo Lawrence’s second wife who was an ex beauty queen just despised Dementra and there were frequent quarrels between them.

Months passed heralding the autumn season with the sky lucid and illuminated with golden yellow radiance. Autumn was set in with its daintiness reflected in all facets of nature, viewing the sky gleaming and reverberating with the cries of birds, Arian was tormented by pangs of love ever reminding of his beloved. In the autumn season comes Dementra’s birthday, Arian was all in thrills yet so desperate as she was miles away from him, at times her memories tore him and he wept within as his dear girlfriend has changed a lot by not responding to his calls or SMSes. It seemed to him that she was purposely ignoring him still his love for her only increased day by day even in her absence. On the day of her birthday Arian decided to meet her so he purchased a pearl ring, her favourite chocolate cake and fresh daisy flowers. He got her current address from her dad. By evening he reached the city in a train, he went to her apartment with high expectation and dream to see his sweetheart but to his dismay all his hopes crushed, she was not there. When he enquired to her watchman, he informed that she was celebrating her birthday in one of the richest hotel ‘Dreamz’ in the city along with her boyfriend and other associates. Arian couldn’t believe what the watchman said ‘Boyfriend’ his eyes watered and he stood like a withered plant with a stormy mind uttering “Boyfriend who??? I am only her Boyfriend…”

The watchman hushed, “My, oh! My, you are her boyfriend!! Everyone in the city knows Miss Dementra Regan is the mistress of Mr. Leo Lawrence the billionaire.”

Suddenly a puff of air seemed to block Arian’s ear he didn’t have the energy to hear his dear girlfriend’s name linked with another guy for he has miles and miles of trust on her. He looked furiously at the watchman and thundered, “Dare you say anything about my Dementra, I shall slay you idiot.”

The watchman exploded, “Hey! You!! Kill me for what? For speaking the truth. Miss Regan and Mr. Lawrence are living here like married couples, all know about their steamy affair...”

     Arian folded his fist strongly and gave a big blow on his face and then walked off briskly…

             The watchman yelled but of no use there was no one to help…

Like a mad man Arian went in search of the hotel ‘Dreamz’, it was a luxuries place. In the big hall, he could find a group of young chic girls and trendy boys, all the crazy rich devils gathered dancing, partying, kissing, smoking and boozing, they looked like spoilt brats let loose to just have fun and gratification relapsed into a life of corporal pleasures and sins…on the decorated walls it was written HAPPY BIRTHDAY MISS DEMENTRA REGAN..

His eyes searched for her everywhere but could not find her, perplexed he enquired a young woman in the fête, “Can you please say me where Miss Dementra Regan is?”

“With her boyfriend in a special room upstairs she is lucky to be the new beau of Mr. Leo Lawrence”,the girl giggled.

Without further waiting he rushed upstairs like a cheetah, as he reached there he saw another hall next to it was a cozy more decorated room lit with candles and flowers of varies hues and shapes, the mesmerizing fragrance awakening the senses and the room filled with sweet music arousing the mind to a romantic mood. Arian saw two people cozying up, for a moment he could not even trust his own eyes, he saw his Dementra in skimpy cloths exposing her sexy figure, she seemed like Drosera a carnivorous plant and was laughing in the arms of a stranger who was cuddling and kissing her, at the same time caressing her soft silken skin with his rough hands…Arian who was holding the gift of love that he brought all the way for her he just flung it aside in bitter rage. To his eyes who was once the most beautiful girl now looked the ugliest vamp, from his twinkling eyes streams of tears gushed out and he rushed downstairs for a minute all around a blankness he felt, hard to breathe, his tender heart cracking he almost collapsed like a blossoming tree cut down and fell on the ground, as everyone was given to excessive enjoyments no one noticed him except the waiter. He tried to lift Arian and made him sit on a sofa and he gave him a coke to drink. Arian was sweating profusely even in an Air conditioned hall and his eyes innocently dropping tears sniveling in pain.

The waiter looked at him and in a high pitch he sniffed, “Oh! Your girlfriend dumped you, haa!!”…

Arian looked at the man so shocked as to how he came to know about it.

The waiter in a casual tone “Don’t worry sir, every week or so it is common a lover swoons who comes in searching of his girlfriend, to find her in the arms of a stranger smooching. Yaa! The same sad stories repeated every week were a true Lover is hurt mercilessly by his sweetheart. You will recover soon time will heal it. But the wound remains forever. Want another coke to cool down?”

“No thanks Hmmm...” with a trembled voice, then he slowly stood up with the support of the waiter, handed over to him some bucks and left the place shattered like pieces of crystals…
                                         "you never know what you have until its gone."

Arian was always geared up to do anything for her in fact she was the loser to lose an earnest lover who cared for her much and made her feel like a real princess and permitted her to reign like a mighty queen in his heart. As months passed his condition worsened unable to forget her, he would spend most of his time wailing in his room and would rarely eat anything.Accepting someone into our heart is easy the real problem is taking them out’…
                              "The saddest thing in the world is loving someone who used to love you."
He was never able to do his duties properly it seemed to him his beautiful world came to an end, he was utterly traumatized, and at times  his wails in agony could be heard from his broken bleeding heart beyond repair, “Oh! Dementra why you killed my dreams? Why you cheated me? Why did you show your love to me if you were to dump me? What was my fault? Where did I go wrong when with all my heart I loved you? What made you forget my love and ran behind a stranger when all of mine was yours? Why Dementra you hurt my little heart beyond and devastated my beautiful life? Can you ever give me back that peace of mind that once I had? Hmmm... Dementra…” then he fell unconscious; this was a common routine ever since she cheated his trust. Unable to control his intense anguish of losing the girl he loved most, he felt as if he was losing his mental stability. He was taken to a psychiatrist by his granny who witnessed his woe silently weeping. Months after medical care he recovered a lot but never to be the same happy guy he used to be. Several times Irene tried to contact Dementra but she never attended her calls.

"you have hurt my feelings,you have broken my heart,I gave you my time,I gave you my trust but you left me for another"

One frosty gusty night after supper Irene met with a stroke she fell on the floor with blood oozing .Arian who was near rushed her to the hospital, there she breathed her last, clasping his hands. All her friends and relatives attended the funeral. Dementra’s parents who love Arian dearly visited him, giving days of solace but Dementra didn’t turn up.

Once again his state of mind exacerbated he continued his treatment under the psychiatrist. Slowly he started to show signs of improvement; he became full of zip and resumed his duties as a dentist well. Months passed and he would spend most of the time in his clinic and did extra work in order to stave off his sorrows. On a Friday morning sitting under an autumn tree thinking about his granny tears rolled down... at that instance a shadow so familiar came closer and closer to him, it was Dementra, suspecting the sight to be possibly a delusion, he looked at her baffled.

“Hai! Arian, I couldn’t turn up to see granny so sorry dear, I was very busy… I was in Paris, then Switzerland in fact on tour to various places to do modeling that is why I couldn’t attend your calls”, she kept on chatting and he was silent...

”What made you come now?” Arian in a shrill voice and biting his teeth.

“My tooth ache, so my heart said only you can cure it as you are the best dentist whom I know my dearest”, she said in a beguiling tone fluttering her eyelashes.

“When did pain start?” He enquired in a formal voice, trying to bury all his fury.

“Only a few days back sweetheart”, Dementra sighed.

“But my pain was killing me for a year”, heaved Arian.

“You didn’t do anything, being a doctor”, she sniffed.

“Certain pains are incurable”, he paused for a while and snorted.

“You have changed a lot dear”, she whispered touching his innocent face with her long feathery fingers, he swiftly jerked away from her.

“Change is inevitable, when others make the change in us, we ought to change to exist, circumstances play a main part, we change but soul remains unchanged”, expressed Arian in a gruff tone.

“Yes really you have changed, you seem to be so staid, I love the old Arian with a smiling twinkling eyes”, laughed Dementra.

His mind whispered, “Smile disappears when trust disappears.”

“Did you say something?” She asked.

“No! Nothing!” He nodded and he took her to his clinic and as a dentist to his patient did his duty as it should be, he rarely looked at her face or eyes and never smiled at her and tried to avoid being so close to her. He prescribed some medicine to her and asked her to return to the clinic the next day as she needed to undergo a minor surgery.

The next day early in the morning Dementra visited the clinic. Arian was waiting anxiously for her.

“I don’t know if you remember, my birthday it’s just near, day after tomorrow ,I want to get rid of this pain before that, as a party is arranged in a hotel in the city, hell with this toothache, please dear make me fine at the earliest”, she entreated with a gloomy face.

“Of course your pain is curable there is proper medicine for it don’t worry”, Arian assured.

He put her to anesthesia and conducted the surgery it took some time. She regained her conscious after a while. He didn’t receive any fee from her for the surgery which was an expensive one. He gave her some medicine and assured her that she was quite fine now and could go back to city that day itself but to take rest the whole day and don’t talk or eat anything at all for one day.

In her heart for the first time she felt at fault of having cheated him still her mind was obsessed with materialistic pleasure and popularity.

She left her hometown in her expensive gifted car. As she could feel the numbness in her mouth she went to her apartment and took rest. The next morning after waking up she felt better but the hangover of anesthesia was still making her feel unwell. As she felt something awkward, she walked to the toilet to wash her face and on looking at the mirror… she shrieked and bawled and almost fainted, she could hardly believe what she saw, and she felt something was wrong with her vision. Once again she looked carefully at the mirror, flood of tears dropping from her eyes she just couldn’t accept the reality, not a single tooth in her mouth. She screamed again seeing her repulsive face resembling an old ugly granny.

A few hours later Leo Lawrence came to her apartment, she was hesitant to come in front of him. Seeing her, he felt like nauseating and in a harsh voice “OO! You ugly creature, I have no time to waste here just vacate my apartment.” He did not even show the patience of enquiring what happened to her.

She felt brokenhearted and like a withered dry rose, fell on the ground shattered and weeping she mumbled “how true it is external beauty is devious.”

After some time she tried to contact Arian, through her mobile but he didn’t respond. She became irritated and filed a case against him. The next day was her birthday she went to his clinic to see him

On seeing her Arian’s lost smile returned on his face,”Happy birthday Miss Dementra Regan,this is the best birthday gift I can present you.”

She looked at him furiously and tried to hit his face, quickly he caught her fragile hands.

She retorted in a frail voice, “Don’t worry you will be behind bar at any moment.”

 “On medical grounds I can save myself stating there was a problem with your teeth and can fight the law and win but I don’t want to be innocent, I want to get punished for being once so truly in love with you”, he said.

She said in a gruesome voice “But... Why did you do it to me?”
“You know the answer better than me, for deceiving an innocent lover to whom you were his world and everything,” Arian replied in frenzy

“What are you saying? I can’t follow when all I have lost”, Dementra befuddled.

“That’s what happened to me that I have lost all by your deeds”, he spoke in a deep tone.

“But… Why did you punish me in this way make it clear?” she asked in a feeble voice.

“The day you came to me, I was trying to forgive but I just couldn’t when you were leaving my clinic, I overheard your conversation with Leo…”

“Oh! Dementra when are you back?” Leo asked in an affable manner.

“Within a day “,Dementra replied avidly.

In a clear tenor he said, “You could have seen a dentist here.”

“Ya! But here is a fool who is mad after me; he will do anything for me, free medical treatment. He is a good dentist but that ass don’t know, I love you sweetheart”, she laughed.

“Still that poor ass was your first love, isn’t it sweetie?” Leo reminded her in a sardonic tone.

“I have shut the door against him, for he is never perfect for me only you can hold me, darling I miss you”, she tittered.

“Grief stricken I sobbed in sorrow and wondered how people changed so fast that are so close to heart and how can they ever cheat a caring heart, Again and again in my mind it echoed in ire, “Why there is no severe punishment in law for cheating in love for it also slowly kills a person or tempts a person to do crime”, he grumped and then he narrated to her everything he underwent and what he saw in ‘Dreamz’ Hotel.

“So you were taking revenge on me”, she hushed.

“Not revenge but to remind you, the ache of a broken heart that you played with, injured and deserted. You fake love made me a criminal ”, he said sulkily.

“Still if you have loved me, you could have forgiven me, yes I did shoddily wrong you”, downcast she whispered.

"guys will always be able to make girls cry but if  a girl can make a guy cry she must really mean something to him."

“When I gave you anesthesia and you lying unconscious, I felt an arrogant grubby Witch was before me who butchered my dreams, hopes and faith in love that I had built for years. Your dazzling smile won you fame cheating your soul . Never play with love for it plays with life and here it played with your teeth!! I gave you a pain that I suffered for loving you. I am glad to endure any punishment as I feel contented for having given you the most deserved punishment. Even if you forgive and love me, I can never forgive and love you and if I forgive… then God will never forgive me…”grunted Arian

Dementra’s once naive and gleaming hazel eyes now looked shadowy and sinful of all lustre lost and it moistened truly for the first time that gushed from her haughty heart and her insensitive mind echoed her nastiness that fell a prey to the worldly opulence and physical pleasure that she brutally went ahead jilting her first innocent lover who needed her much and her callous heart whispered, “Losing one’s valued teeth is nothing compared to losing one’s genuine love”… she stood at a complete loss fully exhausted filled with remorse and ignominy.

If you succeed in cheating someone never think that the person is a fool.
Realize that the person trusted you much more than you deserved!
Be…”Close” with someone who makes you Happy…
But…Be “Close” to that person, who can’t be Happy without you…
LOVE evaporates when TRUST evaporates~~~

I no longer believe in true love or first love will be last love
I no longer believe that soul mates are going to tie the knot
As egoistic body of passions imprisons the emotion of soul embed in us
I no longer believe in the sanctity of love affair as bitter experience has made me so
With all my heart I built a dream castle of love and faith expanding the sky for my beloved
Gifting her all my sweetest smiles, touches, blooming roses and everything I can
She received all with a deceiving smile echoing fake love for me that I know not
She shut her door to my years of treasures of fondness for strangers she met today
To her once my hands were perfect with deep rooted relation now ignored as imperfect
Changing and cheating her past pure lover for her wordily lust, gains, whims and fancy
Cutting and playing with my heart like a toy clutching with her cruel claws tearing it to pieces
Like a waste paper to dump my bleeding heart into lifeless dustbin never to be healed
How wicked and vicious is she, so shall she be cheated and thirst for true love
Never play and fool with love it will fool life one glorious day
Changing a best being to a beast or a cadaver else a miracle should happen
LOVE evaporates when TRUST evaporates, we all evaporate but our soul never evaporates
Our sinless soul has to pay a heavy price for the unpardonable sins we consign
Making a naive lover believe in sham love still with all my snubbed heart I pardon her
But I doubt if God will ever forgive her for slaying the trust in true love
I lost her who cheated me but she lost me who genuinely loved her
Young Hearts wake up! Flee from falling in fake love or be ready to get a ruined heart
Just try to hear an inner call please love your Parents whether biological or foster
Who are ever for your best as their choice of a partner for you will be the blessed best
Say a million times Father and Mom I LOVE YOU the acronyms of the word ‘FAMILY’
Then an aura of magical touch will soothe our wounded heart
For their love can never put us in peril as much as we put ourselves in peril
Love stuffed with sincere affection to me today is my 'God' and my visible God 'Mom'

'love is nothing when trust is gone'
Dedicated to all sincere lovers in this world who were cheated by their beloved to whom they gave their heart filled with abundant love and trusted wholly for which they had to pay a heavy price drowning in endless tears of mental agony and depression which caused a lot of health hazards…Giving up doesn't always mean you are weak; sometimes it means that you are strong enough to let go......Keep in memory never give your full heart to anyone blindly… When love is lost, do not bow your head in sadness; instead keep your head up high and gaze into heaven for that is where your broken heart has been sent to heal…

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