Thursday, November 1, 2012

My ever busy INDIAN ROAD===

Where else can you find such a rare road except in India
A feeling you have never felt before you must really experience it
She shows the path to all even if she gets wrinkly and crinkly
Travelling in your coupé you will feel a prince galloping on a stray horse
We are lucky to see all the seas, rivers and ponds here itself
Quite often decorated with litters of cow dung, bullshit and all shits
People spit,shit and piss an open toilet yet carries all with no complaints
Here you see Sprouting plants, fallen trees and carcasses of animals and birds
Don’t miss the exciting zoo filled with elephants to bullock carts welcoming you
All eatables accessible on and off and every trade takes place here
A place to chat on mobile and meet friends and kiss lovers and fight enemies
Swarms of beggars rushing behind your cars for your mercy is a usual scene
In one line you can stumble on jam packed vehicles and one way traffic never
You can learn foul terms from the fellow drivers speeding up
Enjoying a boozing drive to end in accidents yet unseen by laws
Coward traffic police fleeing for life the moment a crash occurs
     You can  hear  speedy racing cars, roaring bikes like jumbo jet all gone crazy
All sorts of processions and political parties’ battlefield you witness here
Any VIPs visits from abroad bedecks her like a bride to soon lose her virginity
Why should I feel ashamed of my ever busy Indian Road?
A heaven of darkness lies here in plenty in a diverse imperfect way
When I know she is exceptional and unique with her own identity mark---


A Tribute to all busy Roads that has taken us to many destinations and will ever be a part of our life to lead us forward...


  1. What you have written reminds me of my trip to India!!! Wonderful images and words that completely bring about the essence.

  2. very happy to see u on my blog after a long time always a happy welcome and thanks alot for reading my poem... GOD LOVE U SUZANNE