Thursday, February 14, 2013

Nothing appears beautiful without you♥

 Never test the person who love you alot because they are like diamonds when you hit them they wouldn't break but they will slip away from your life making you a loser.Don't love the person who enjoys with you, love the person who really suffers without you because the pain of real love can never be defined...Love isn't finding someone you can live with, it is finding someone you can't live without...I don't know if you know this but you are the first person I truly loved...Trust me I know I am the furthest thing from perfect but I promise you that I will love you with all my heart till the day I take my last breathe if you just give the chance...When the world says "Give up", HOPE whispers
"Try it one more time."

I see no stars in the vast night sky
I see no waves in the sapphire sea
I see no red roses in the world’s gorgeous garden
I see no dew drops in the early hours of first light
I see no spell of rain on the parched earth
I see no rainbows on the cerulean firmament
I see no dreams when I close the eyes
I see no smiles on the innocent faces
I see no celebrations in the festive days
I see no grace to trigger the heart
I see no colours to magnetize the mind
I see no bliss to fill up the soul
I see no light on the lane of life
Nothing appears beautiful without you my dream girl
You don't mean anything to me but you mean everything to me
I will never understand why I ended up this way or what the reason was for.I'll never understand why this world is so fucked up and barely anyone cares. I'll never understand how people can say they love someone then leave them for someone else. I'll never understand alot of things, like why people lie, cheat, and steal. Why they are rude, mean ,bitchy,horrible and inconsiderate. I'll never understand how pain never goes away. I'll never understand love or hate. I'll never understand Life. Nothing will last forever, eventually everything will fall apart, Love will become a pain for a lifetime when you end up with a Broken Heart!