Saturday, June 1, 2013

Five Sentence be continued..

Lillie McFerrin Writes

FSF to be continued...

In a forest as I heaved, I saw a man lighting a cigarette he smoked half way throwing it at a blossoming tree. Soon the  fuming tree stretched its blazing branches dragging the man closer burning him to ashes. I woke up in my room to find a cigarette on the ashtray.I sighed putting off the flame and dozed.


A lady dwelling opposite of my flat was a never smiling snobbish. I wished her on a Christmas night she climbed the stairs with airs. Abruptly she slipped and fractured her leg. I carried her to hospital.She smiled at me sweetly even in her pains, impossible to believe I could conquer her, I beamed.


Two buddies Words and Sword fell in love with a Princess,she loved both but lusted for the strong Sword.Within a year on her death bed she sighed promising to marry the one who could keep her alive.Words penned verses in her memory but Sword soon forgot her indulging in amusement and killing.Princess came alive in the form of a pretty Poem and kissed Words for keeping her alive for centuries.As he can kindle, kill and create,she felt he was more powerful and loving so she married Words living blissfully forever.

I recall an incident on a trip to the blue smoky haze hill station of Ooty on a summer vacation from Dubai to India.I was a naughty kid playing with a rainbow ball as it rolled I too darted behind it like a wind but the ball fell into the abyss. My only target was to get back the ball. I dived, soon brushwood like invisible hands cradled me and tossed me in the gust straight into the warm arms of my Mom who was crying and smiling kissing me at the edge of the mountain .I still speculate what actually happened to me.


There was a candid cute Prince who loved and believed a haughty Princess from her childhood but she faked love to him for she had secret affairs with many men.The Prince died with a broken heart with her name on his lips when he came to know that she was lying all these years.As years passed the Princess got severely burnt in fire and lost all her beauty suffering a lot.Seeing her pathetic ugly state many dreaded her but the dead Prince’s soul was still waiting to rejoin his soul mate without entering Heaven.Even today from all the angles of the dilapidated palace the echoes can be heard of the Princess groaning,
Forgive me my Prince”.

A loving old couple was celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary along with their two adopted kids,near and dear ones.When the wife was about to feed cake to her sweetheart he collapsed and breathed his last.The wife couldn't believe it,she neither cried nor spoke to anyone but laid her silver head on his craggy chest.She could hear his heart still beating for her only as it used to do since her early teens as if to never let go.Her creased eyes smiled and her pale shadow chased his tightly clasping hands,the duo danced like young lovers leaving a romantic past paving for other shadows to follow.


In early teens once in Mumbai via Dubai on the festival of ‘Holi’ I still remember the view from the window of the 7th floor of the posh hotel I was staying, the whole city was bathed in hues looking as if rainbow climbed down. Everywhere mirth & jollity from the elite and the middle class but at the corner I glimpsed the true face of my motherland near a slum area some ignored little kids were deprived of their delight& play born to suffer in utter poverty. I went with my Mom and purchased sweets & colour powder to play with the children of a lesser God making each moment a fun filled day, by evening I bought new dresses for the unseen kids. I waited to see the kids change from their ragged clothes to the new ones they looked prettier with the prettiest smile, seeing it I felt so blissful for nothing in the world could I purchase this inner joy and that all humans are same merely discriminated by man-made money. The next day when I was about to leave the little kids arrived outside the hotel to bid me farewell with a flower tears rolling down their innocent eyes and my eyes too watered ,in silence for a moment I realized a life lived for others was worth living..


  1. Wonderful! My favorite is the first one.

    Happy Wednesday. ☺

  2. Very beautiful pieces--the second one is really sweet.

  3. whew...kinda glad your dream woke you played an important role in warning you...or them...

    i def like the heart for people in the second...and the transformative nature of that compassion...

  4. That first one could have ended badly, glad it was only a dream! The second is heartwarming, I like those positive outcomes.

  5. oh, they are really nice. I loved how they ended. Good work :)

  6. Beautiful site and nice work! New follower.

  7. What a beautiful blog you have. There is just fun stuff everywhere!

  8. You radiate positivity!

  9. Oh, I love what you can do with such short stories. I like the twists. And thank you for following me! It's nice to meet you!

    1. SMILES & Thnx for following!!GOD<3U

  10. I think your words are very powerful, but also beautiful. You are very talented and I enjoyed your writing very much. Thank you so much for following my blog.

    1. thanks for ur inspirational comment & hope to hear from u more..GOD<3U

  11. Your words are smokin'

  12. hey thats inspirational...
    more than this i liked the crazy note about yourself :)

    first time here...

    1. hai Deeps happy to c u..Thanks:)GOd<3U

  13. Hello Sir..
    thank you for visiting me and giving me the opportunity to land here..
    a beautiful space you have..
    loved the soothing background music :)

    and though I loves all 3 stories..
    last one is my fav..

    I had a smile throughout..
    hope to see you more.. and looking forward to the new posts from you :)

    1. it sounds sweet if u could address me in an informal way..I found ur writings beautiful that's why i too landed there..I'm also looking forward to ur new posts..Smiles:) Jyoti.GOD<3U

  14. great....superb stories adhi....

    bless you!!


    1. anu thanks ,its long since seen u..Smiles:) GOD<3U

  15. Nice stories..I really liked the one "Word"..:)
    keep writing..:)

  16. interesting how dream and reality intermingled and luckily woke you in time..

  17. Some great pictures for inspiration in in this post!

  18. The story about Words was really good. How they can live forever. Very nice :-)

    1. Happy to know that many like WORDS actually words are the real wealth..Thanks Ashwini !!!GOD<3U

  19. nicely done, I really liked it. Will be eagerly waiting for more.

    My Blog :- Nature Health Secrets

    And will love to hear from you.

  20. Namaste sir,
    the post is simply brilliant. "word" and "conquer" are my favourites :)
    few words conveying everything in your heart.... not everyone has that gift.
    :) its amazing.

    1. Thanks Haritha & it will be nice if u address me in an informal way.again glad to know Word is liked by many..Smiles:))GOD<3U

  21. Ahh 5 sentences, yes that is a good story arc if done as well as you have done here sir. Liked the first one quite a bit, even though i never smoke in the house or near trees that get angry at the habit or the flame.

    Be Well


  22. though each story was lovely in its own way..
    I loved the "shadows" most :)love and its immense power !!

    1. so nice to c u again..dear Jyoti Smiles:)) GOD<3U

  23. Beautiful posts, especially the last one. Brought tears to my eyes.. Lovely Blog.. You are an awesome writer. God Loves You.

  24. whew...that one on chasing the ball off the mountain...that would have stopped my heart as your mother...and i def would have been crying and thankful you were ok....

  25. Thanks & so nice to c u again Brian Miller..Smiles:))GOD<3U

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