Saturday, November 23, 2013

Das Poetry [my new style of poetry]

Das poetry Its like haiku with a little difference,In the first line one word,in the second line two words,third line three words & so on...
1 word
2 words
                3 words & so on
Dear Reader Buddies
After writing Haiku (5-7-5 syllables),Senryu(haiku like verse form),Haiga (haika+artwork),Tanga (5-7-5-7-7), Ryuka (8-8-8-6),Sonnets, Cascade form & many other forms of poetries ,I thought why can't I try a new form that's how Das Poetry came to my mind..If anywhere a same form exists, please pardon me & don't forget to inform me.I love to learn more& hear more from u..I need all ur Blessings..
Waiting anxiously for ur costly comments. Smiles:)) 
          GOD Love U

urs Adhi Das J



Beautiful belief
Beaming bright light
Superb seed of life
Schooling us to trust all
To amicably carry on with harmony
Ardent intuition making things vivid and viable
Feeling the presence of God everywhere with anticipation
Making everything move in a way we ardently desire



Best buddy
Ever so busy
Restless selfless devoted worker
Creating preserving protecting and destroying
Mighty tireless hand directing all things
The life blood of the eternal soul
Ever with us in all fall and rise
The infinite affectionate force of super magical enlightening power
The truest compassionate leader leading us to lead forward fearlessly


    Universal language
  Sweetest soothing sound
    Tranquilizing mind and soul
Embalming our emotions and passions
Our heart dancing to its cadence
Giving colourful wings to soar to paradise



Precious possession

With assiduous soul

By chance of accident
Every being has own course
That forgets to realize its value
Today it’s turned into an ignored waste
Persistently in a path of wanton big haste
To assassinate its own divine soul the life sponsor


Dream Buddy
Born in reveries
My sincere sharing soulmate
Never exists here to swindle
Ever loving me as what Iam
Innocently faithful to me in all seasons
Caring carrying me to a paradise of imagination
Promising to embrace me closely forever in my Dreams
Invisible girl with my super Moms colours my life beautiful
Is there a trustful real Dream Amie waiting for me? 


Silent lingo
Uniting the universe
Cooling the vexed minds
Vanishing worries many miles away
Sweetest way of meeting and greeting
A peaceful solution to numerous unsolved dilemmas
Creating an amazing atmosphere of glee and serenity
Of all languages in the world the most gracious


Beauty queen
Reigning all flowers
A lover’s passionate heart
People’s much loved magical gift
Sign of infinite love and peace
Girl’s favourite thing holding close to soul
Adorning human and earth with an artistic touch
Adding heavenly charm and spreading fragrance the world over


Enlightening energy
Dispels all darkness
From hearts and minds
  Making all things live beautifully
    Illuminating us to free from ignorance
Vanishing evil rising life to lovely lane
Leading kindly our souls to a spectacular shore

Love letters
Wooing elegant Earth
To romance in raindrops
Lips lock passionately drenching dancing
In each other’s waiting wanting arms
Perfect blissful union parting in heartbroken tears
A moment’s showering delight always to come back


Celestial Beauty
With nil soul
Mesmerizing million musing minds
Awakening zillion sweet scented dreams
An idyllic Feeling of myriad ecstasy
Welcoming souls with speckled hues of garlands
Transforming the worried World to a blooming Paradise


Super spirit
Inner sparkling light
Ultra basic vital might
Wiping bleak tears to cheers
Spiraling man to rise behind defeats
Making everything work by strength of will
Giving powerful wings clinging soul to soar afar
A Unique Magical endless rope to hold on firmly
Continually serving us to survive facing life bravely and brightly



Destructive force

Man’s Common enemy

Poor man fears hunger

Rich man fears own son

Lack of compassion care and love

Lack of food shelter and basic needs

World Unite to fight diligently the fearsome foe

Wild paucity creates bias odium and terrorism distancing man
Wealthy breed humanity in thy hearts to sincerely serve needy


Mystifying message

Shadowy silent scream

Of the secret mind

Constantly humming to awaken us

From our deep drowning sluggish slumber

To hark back our forgotten real purpose

To carry out our assigned duty beautifully glowing

Life serving undying Soul to accomplish a serene bliss
Leading light to right gateway to enter happily God’s empire


A passion
A sickness sensation
A pleasure pricking pain
A fantasy of untold fairytales
A soaring soothing unconscious emotional ecstasy
A moment’s madness dipped in enchanting mistakes
A sweet dream wrapped in beautiful sour nightmare
A time tester cleansing changing the being to self-realization
God’s greatest gift of invincible might to treasure for infinity


A protector

 A universal power

Divine love visible God

The safest home of happiness

Pouring endless love into the kid
 This love becomes very breath of life
 Saviour hearing her child’s unspoken mind and heartbeat
Best friend with special unconditional bond of infinite affection 
Creator who sows seed of compassion in minds of human 

smell awesome
holding me tightly

magic verses
spells the minds
to prism pleasure paradise


whispered softly
awakening sleeping soul
for a long  fresh journey
ever to be true companion


Minuscule Molecule
Uniquely differentially able
Puffing love penning words
Blessed with two bonbon Moms
Crazy creativity of God’s majestic mind


 Holy place
An inspiring abode
Treasure of vast knowledge
Enlightening igniting the quiescent minds
Renovating to civilized useful good human
A bravura mounting sun never to set
  Making our little lifeless wings soaring above ignorance
Defeating Fears to face world with loyalty and confidence
 Ceaselessly guiding to the path of compassion light and righteousness

(Dedicated to my school OUR OWN ENGLISH HIGH SCHOOL DUBAI UAE one of the excellent schools in the Middle East where I had the opportunity to study from Kinder Garten to 12th grade)

One of my favourite songs...Dedicated to all my dear buddies of this beautiful World :)


  1. Wow ... I loved this form ... amazing :)

    1. smiles:)) specks I trust ur comments for u r a wonderful writer. God<3u

  2. Wonderful poetry. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Happy to hear from a superb Mom& writer..God<3u

  3. Lovely very creative indeed, I loved "She" a lot superb it is. Good job Das

    1. Its long since not seen u ramya thanks always for ur motivation..Smiles:))God<3u

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  5. I like the 'Poets' piece! A fun form :-)

    1. jennifer thanks for liking my new style..God<3u

  6. Oh I think I like Das poetry :-) ... beautifully written.

    1. Baishali really excited to know Das poetry is being liked.Thanks.God<3u

  7. I enjoy your work. You're very creative.

    1. bunch of thanks to a lovely teacher & writer..Dana Smiles:)God<3U

  8. Thanks for sharing! New follower here. I'm stopping by from the "A to Z" challenge and I look forward to visiting again.


    1. happy welcome sylvia..Good day:)God<3u

  9. pieces all over yet beautiful...

  10. You have a wonderful way with words and I really like your poetry. Your words are always powerful and makes me feel happy and warm.

  11. happy to see u Murees..smiles:))God<3U

  12. Very cool new style of poetry. You have a way with words that's very pretty.

  13. Hola amigo, preciosa entrada, y a pesar del traductor, me gusta mucho como escribe poemas.
    Un abrazo.

  14. I really love your poetry...your words are so beautiful and deeply moving.
    Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful talent.:)

  15. Beautiful Thanks and smiles to Ygraine!! GOD<3U:)

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    1. Smiles and Thanks:) dear nina GOD<3U

  18. Thanks for the information... I really love your blog posts... specially those on Local Tamil News

  19. Stopping by to visit your blog. Very beautiful poetry. Enjoyed reading