Saturday, March 1, 2014

To a girl who played with me and my heart...

Pleasure of love  lasts but a moment Pain of love lasts a lifetime ...
I didn't know loving was such a painful thing if so i wouldn't have loved...
I did everything right for someone that does everything wrong
To a girl who played with me and my heart
She gave me lot of pains and no gains
After playing awhile in the showering rains
She gave me loads of foes and endless woes
After holding my hands making eternal vows
She gave me weeping nightmares and sour memories
After dreaming together as twined souls and bodies
She gave me faking smiles and whispering lies
After flirting with me and many guys
She gave me a broken heart and numerous hurts
After receiving red roses blooming in breeze
She gave me passionate poems and juicy rhymes
After penning verses for each other under the moonlight
She gave me only tears and  fears
After a promising love affair in the garden of life

Our balmy romance was never a secret to mommy dear

 I am neither so good nor so bad but I do care lot about who i love
At last like a bewitching Witch she danced to wreck me
With her thorny heart wrapped with infidelity
She shamed and made me a clown before her clandestine lovers
Oh God! Never shall this happen to anyone who loved deeply

You 're the first person who broke my heart. 
For the rest of my life you will always be the one who hurt me the most.
 Don't forget that.


  1. Love can indeed be hurtful at times, especially when dealing with matters of truth! An interesting poetic piece that I enjoyed reading. Well done. I liked the internal rhymes.

    Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

  2. It must be hard walking alone after some one separates..Nice poem

  3. Only through a broken heart the rays of the pure love can shine.
    This is why our heart must be broken at least once in our lifetime,so that we can recognize true love when it comes along ... and it always does!
    The pain is only momentary!!

  4. Loneliness can be really heartbreaking ... loved how emotions flowed in your words :-)

    1. greenspeck.. seeing u after a long time a big thanks:) and waiting to hear more..

  5. The poem was lovely. Although it is very difficult to be separated from the one you love, but its important not to lose hope. After all, its not the end of the world. Dream big, achieve big and give that girl a reason to mourn for leaving you!

  6. Thanks alot Ashish for ur motivating comment..Smiles:)

    1. I came here to read your poem again sir. I love it... <3
      And oh..while i am here i wrote a similar post about miseries of love. It would be my great pleasure if you can have a look whenever you get time... :)

  7. I will read ur post at the earliest...Thanks Bro:)