Sunday, June 1, 2014

Beware! She is the Female Black Widow Spider who slay her first innocent lover+

 People say:"Never expect anything in return from anyone
But the truth is...
"When we really LOVE someone
We naturally EXPECT a little CARE from them...

 In the autumn season of passion with whispering lies and faking smiles
She steps out haughtily in the murky midnight with warmth of sly air
Famed for her notorious ferocious courtship lure with ruse
She turns a bewitching witch sucking the balmy blood to satiate her life
Beware! She is the Female Black Widow spider who slay her first innocent lover
Who trusted and loved her fully for she was the only star in his lonely sky
Using tricks in the act of love alluring the poor chap to her silky chamber
Alas! After having made love smothers her lover to death in the bed of flower
Her hunger never over wildly madly she sprints after macho male spiders
She knows the art of making her clandestine lovers believe blindly in her
For each one she puts a cute pet name to cling to her tune of strings
All her sneaky male friends feel they are her special someone the dearest ever
Enjoying with gaiety she craftily makes the silly male spiders clash for her
Drawn by lust to crave physical delight she secretly invites strangers to seduce
Only a super cunning male spider by twerking nattily can flee her risky traps
She acts a slut failing to keep her promise and fidelity like the mirage in the desert
Wearing a wily mask to escape from sinister sins she blames it on her fate
 A lightning strike within a thunderstorm in monsoon burnt her to suffer in chronic coma
In windy nights her first lover's deeply cut bleeding soul haunts echoing"I still love you"
Some treat relationships as a video game...They play them and when they get bored they cheat...
Don't waste your time on REVENGE. Just sit back and wait because those who hurt you will eventually face their own KARMA.If you are lucky, GOD will let you watch!! 


  1. Hi Adhi, I loved your poem!
    I don't believe in god and thus not in the cycle of Karma! I believe in freedom...if someone stop liking someone.....let's move on!

  2. Chirasree sweet smiles for ur comment..a very practical way of thinking but still sincere love reigns!! thanks..

  3. some wise counsel will catch up to those that hurt us...and justice is not ours to dole out....