Monday, December 15, 2014

Thieves of the ‘Nude lane’ ))) (Flash fiction- word limit 1000 )

Near and far the world over there is fear. Fear is a seed embedded in everyone sometimes it grows sometimes it’s stagnant. But then some incidents or things expose the fear hidden in us. Why I talk about fear read along you will know it…

It’s a true story that happened a few years back in a modernized village in India.  In this village from every house there was an NRI (Non Resident Indian) working in the Middle East, America or some other parts of the world. There is a say that Indians are found all over the world even dwells in other planets if truth be told all over the cosmos. In every house there was splendour and sumptuousness except a few houses still living BPL (below poverty line) even in this age of computers and mobiles. Though surrounded by the most sophisticated gadgets corrupting the minds especially the adolescents at a rapid speed still the beauty and innocence of the village was not lost. Most of the houses were double or triple storey looked like five star hotels to flaunt their wealth and in between these mansions there were also small houses and huts. Truth to be told all houses over here were once upon a time small or huts devoid of palatial luxuries and electronic items. Inflowing of foreign currencies like the good fairy in the famous fairytale Cinderella transformed many huts into palaces with plethora of pleasures.

There was a lane in this urbanized village known as ‘Nude Lane’ where people feared to tread after sunset. This lane got this name two years back as whoever especially men who took this lane ended up nude. They were robbed of all their clothes even undergarments, possessions and left stripped at the other end of the narrow road but women and kids were spared. Many men even fearing were compelled to take this lane as it was an important path in the village that connected to the outside world.

A rich arrogant man of this village boasted that he feared none and often quoted the famous Shakespearean line Cowards die many times before their deaths .The valiant never taste of death but once.’  He boldly took the risk of crossing the Nude lane, all he could remember was the next morning he was lying naked at the end of the lane. He was mortified and cried loudly. He jumped over the compound wall of a house seeing some clothes hanging on a line. The people staying in that house thought him to be a thief; he was beaten up handed over to the police and later he was freed.  

 For a few days about four policemen stood guard and everyone could tread the lane without fear. Then one day all the policemen left except one… Alas! His destiny was the same he ended up bare. The police investigated about the matter but they couldn’t catch any thief.

Once a man was robbed left nude and the next day he found all his stolen things (watch, ID card, mobile, purse containing money and clothes) and a letter outside his house. He took out the letter from the envelope and read it...
Thanks for protecting our country where we are free to do what we want and go to sleep to wake next day. We return back all the things we robbed from you as you are the real hero the soldier saving us sacrificing your life.
Thieves of  the Nude lane)))

The soldier smiled and looked out with searching eyes but he couldn’t find anyone nearby.

Three tall teenage girls felt contented and looking at each other smiling with play hooky eyes were watching the soldier from far without his notice. Two twin sisters nineteen years of age were orphans and lived with their cousin just seventeen. They were thick friends from childhood reminding Alexandre Dumas’s ‘The Three Musketeers’. Mom of the twin sisters died many years ago. Their mom’s youngest sister looked after them. Their aunt’s husband had deserted her when a baby girl was born. He married another lady and has three kids thereafter never returned or gave any economic aid to his first wife and daughter. Then polygamy is not a new thing still thriving with more celebrities welcoming it without any guilt in a populated country like India where still millions of her children live in poverty. Their aunt was fighting cancer in a hospital and the money they robbed they spend for regaining her health and helping other poor people like them. Universally we find bias in education as clever poor children are deprived of their rights to higher learning due to lack of financial assistance. When girls of their age should be studying they were working in a chemical factory as sweepers soon they fell into the trap of some sex racket mafias but they escaped from their brutal claws very cleverly. They dreaded flesh trade where number of young gullible girls daily becomes a prey in the meat market. Thus to take revenge on some men and for more money they took to theft. They accumulated weapons and chloroform with the help of some relatives. No one knew their whereabouts they were like the modern 'Robin Hoods' saving the lives of many destitute girls. The so called Society has a vital part in making such thieves. A revolution will soon break out to alter the current corrupt ways.   

When God created man there was no law but then man created law due to fear. Law was not successful in curbing the crimes and the saddest thing crimes still exist to thrive. When all are sinners in one way or another who is so perfect that has got the right to punish? As laws of modern times are blind to many crimes in India they (the three girls) too will escape for a while to continue as the thieves of the Nude lane…

FEAR has two meanings:
Forget Everything And Run
Face Everything And Rise

The Choice is yours!!


  1. Interesting post. God provided us with ten commandments, but man feels compelled to keep making more and more new laws every year, which inevitably end up spawning even more the following year. Maybe if everyone followed the original ten, all those new ones wouldn't be necessary.

    1. thanks alot for your beautiful comment:))

  2. sometimes it takes a revolution to make changes

    1. iam sure there will a revolution!! thanks:))

  3. what an interesting story...i wonder if our laws dont extend initially from the 10 commandments...but seeing we needed more we added to them...and you are right that they dont work...not as a one who will live beyond the law...

    1. SMILES:)) there should be a change in law!!

  4. It's very true that laws keep on being made as modern society finds so many ways to break laws. Sadly.
    I wish you a very happy Christmas season.

  5. Thanks for stopping by my blog, Adhi. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you as well!