Saturday, December 20, 2014

This is not your world alone this is our world <>

    Restriction discrimination ostracism universally found now and again
Asks our place religion gender age our details of no use to make us nothing
To poke us confuse us later pester us in the name of reservation of seat and all
How many are humiliated tortured discarded because we are born in this way
No one is superior or inferior all in the walk of life to reach the same destination
Everybody is beautiful somehow or other the reality we hesitate to recognize
Whatever we create within the 100 years span of life we depart leaving all behind
Is there any nation using only their own produced products or people?
Man made boundaries are frustrating confining us to agitate to liberate
Everyone is unique and different still never treat us in your own indifferent way
We are born equal but made unequal please judge us devoid of any inequity
Or else you will lose a gifted genius of exceptional merits a loss to this world
Open your eyes! For once see us ourselves as human beings beyond all bias
This is not your world alone this is our world in truth the world belongs to all

                                                                                                    (In the form of a sonnet)


  1. We carry the universe inside the body, said Rumi.
    Nice post.

    1. THANKS:)) we are the world we all are one then why bias ?

  2. You are right. The world belongs to all of us.