Saturday, January 3, 2015

ROAD to REVENGE :( [A short story less than 2000 words]

         A short story that happened somewhere and can happen anywhere due to revenge and infidelity

The nastiest lies are often told in silence. Revenge is a tart notion born not only in a criminal’s mind even in a common man’s mind after all it is said it is due to circumstances. Are you ready to hear a real story on Revenge? Then let’s see where this road to revenge leads to…
The sky was weary carrying dark pregnant clouds at times trying to fool all, will it rain or not?
A good looking boy about eighteen years with striking blue eyes was on his way to school holding an umbrella in his left hand along with a backpack loaded with heavy books resembling a camel.

Another boy of the same age seeing him called out,“Dino the lazy where are you going?”

“Can’t you see Kevin the cool to school,” Dino shouted back.

“OMG that means you didn’t know about our class teacher’s death.I phoned you… you didn’t respond,” Kevin a nerd said.
“What? You liar many times you have fooled me…” Dino scoffed.

“Trust me our class teacher was murdered last night you didn’t get the SMS,” his voice choked.

Kevin has a crush for Dino for the past three years and both loved each other and shared many things.Recently Dino has fallen in love with Vivaan a silent boy who seldom speaks but a topper in all school competitions.He is a superb guitarist and painter. He is the star of the school.Many students envy him and many adore him. Kevin is envious of Vivaan and in his heart despises him as he still loves Dino deeply.Dino is confused at times but when he needs a help he runs to Kevin.Vivaan has no special liking for anyone but he is too fond of his cousin and classmate Fizz his maternal aunt’s son where he resides.

Sexuality is one’s preference and nothing crime in it.Any sexual act that harms others is a crime.Heterosexual homosexual or transgender all are the same in the eyes of God for all are His beautiful creations and no one is superior or inferior.When terrorist rapist murderer smuggler is to be punished why punish the harmless homosexual or transgender? What wrong did they actually do? Is love a crime? Love knows no gender nation religion caste class colour.

Dino was by now near to the school gate he gets information from the watchman about the death of his class teacher and the school will remain closed for a day.

Kevin goes along with Dino to their class teacher’s house and there they could find their Principal,teachers,non-teaching staff,students and also all their classmates attending the funeral.

Mrs.Oina Titus was teaching chemistry in Viva International School for the past two months and was the teacher-in-charge of the 12th grade consisting of 25 students. Previously she was teaching in America. Her husband was a Physician who passed away a year ago fighting cancer. After his death she decided to come back to India her homeland. Her daughter Mira was a primary student studying in the same school where her mom taught. She was a good teacher and a patient pleasant young lady who seemed to have no enemies.

The next day all the boys gathered in the school premises under the casuarina tree in the evening to discuss about their class teacher’s death. They still seemed so somber.

Ritz the class monitor a tall lean boy came forward and said,“We must be devoted students to a devoted teacher who really loved us all so I believe it’s our duty too to find the murderer.Let the police do their duty and let us also do our duty apart from studies let us do some detective work also.If we carry our work along with the police we can quickly find the slayer.Listen buddies I have made a list; it contains all your names there are five groups, with five boys in each group with a head.The head of each group are Tabi, Kevin, Rosan, Alfin and Vivaan.We all should unite and try our best to find out our teacher’s slayer.Do you all agree?”
“Yes… we agree…” all the boys shouted.

Kevin and Dino were in the same group.
Kevin’s father was the assistant commissioner of police who was also in charge of the investigation of the Murder case of Mrs. Oina Titus. Even after two days no one had any idea of the cut-throat.

One day Kevin got Mrs Oina Titus’s diary and after reading for sometime he came to a page which was written the title “A murder Scene” he read it loudly to other boys seated under the casuarina tree.

Today was a terrifying day for me. My husband and I were on a honeymoon trip and were staying in Hotel Shani for the past two days. My husband had gone out to buy some things. I happened to walk in the corridor of the hotel, I heard a man’s loud cry, the door was open and to my horror I saw a man stabbing another man and hastily ran out. I saw a young man with flood of blood oozing from his body. I rushed to him seeing his pathetic sight; there was no way to save him as he was breathing his last, seeing this I started to cry. I soon realized that I was sitting near a murdered man and was sure that the police could arrest me, so I quickly ran out of there. When I reached my room, my husband was there, finding me so frightened and nervous he asked me what the matter was. I told him everything. I wanted to say the police who the murderer was. My husband stopped me as there was neither proof nor evidence. We decided to leave the hotel the next day. While my husband was paying the hotel bills I saw the man who killed that young man. My husband introduced him to me saying he was the hotel manager and his name was Mr. Benzer Kaizer. I stood horrorstruck not able to speak or smile. His name echoed in my mind with fear. The incident that happened in the hotel always remained in my mind as a horrible thing and how much ever I tried to forget it I couldn’t. The Criminal escaped and I felt depressed it was my fear that made me silent. I couldn’t forgive myself. In today’s world you have to act as if you have never seen anything to survive.”

All the boys wanted to know from where Kevin got the diary .Kevin kept it a secret. Kevin closed the diary and gave it to Dino. Vivaan took the diary from Dino and started reading silently. All the boys came to the conclusion that Mr. Benzer Kaizer might be the murderer. By the time it became dark they departed to their nests.

The next day in the newspaper it appeared about the murder of the hotel manager of Shani named Mr. Benzer Kaizer. The boys read the news and they were totally shocked.

The boys gathered under the Casuarina tree, all were not present there. They waited for the remaining boys all came except Vivaan and Kevin. A few minutes later Kevin arrived.
Dino enquired, “Hi… Kevin did you see Vivaan?”

“Don’t ask anything about that ass,” Kevin sneered.

At that moment Vivaan came.He looked very tired nervous and worried.
Hai! Viva you look so shabby and dull what’s up ya…? Dino hushed.

Vivaan’s eyes watered and with a bushed voice he spoke,“Everyone please hear to what I have to say… I know who killed our teacher and Mr.Benzer Kaizer.”

Shouted the boys in one voice,“Who? Who?”

Hear me… you all read our class teacher’s diary about the murder scene where a man was killed.When the incident happened that man’s ten year old son was playing on the ground.When he ran upstairs he saw our teacher next to him so he mistook her as the murderer.8 years later when she came in front of that boy he couldn’t forgive her for he wanted to take revenge.The boy had only his dad in this big world.So one evening he stabbed her.Later the boy came to know that the real cut throat of his dad was Benzer.Once again he became blind with revenge he collected every detail of Benzer.Yesterday night he went to Benzer’s house and shot him dead with a gun that he got from Benzer’s house.There the boy spotted an old woman in her seventies, she was smart and healthy.She caught his hands and cried why her son has been killed.The boy replied that to payback her son who killed his dear dad.

She asked him what his dad’s name was.

Dr.Ovi Ninan the boy quickly retorted.

The old woman looked at the boy carefully enquiring if his mom’s name was Imara.He nodded his head saying yes!

She then narrated her son’s story.Imara and her son fell in love and married. She didn’t like Imara’s ways.Their married life only lasted for 4 years.Benzer was a business man who was always on business tours and they met only in weekends or sometimes after many months.It was during this time Imara developed an illicit affair with Benzer’s best friend Ovi who was a doctor.One day she ran away with Ovi, betraying and leaving Benzer lonely to suffer mentally. She also took her 2 year old son with them. They settled in Australia. Benzer wanted to kill her and Ovi.Somewhere deep he still loved Imara so he didn’t remarry or go to file a case for divorce.Just 3 years after Imara died in a car crash and Ovi lost his left hand.Benzer got the news that his son too died. Years after Benzer met Ovi in his hotel and in a fit of rage killed him.
That old woman forgave her grandson and cried to him to go away fast and she wouldn’t tell anyone.
He couldn’t forgive himself seeing his granny’s love.That cursed boy murdered his class teacher and his own dad.No law will forgive him.Mother’s infidelity and his revenge have made him a brutal murderer.
I think by now you might have got it that boy was Vivaan the silent boy turning into violent brute, my circumstances made me so.
My friends the road to revenge is ruin.He took out the gun and shot in his head and fell with blood flowing with remorse in front of his friends.

Everyone stood so shaken with tears filling their eyes.Dino cried out loud. Kevin consoled him by placing his head on his shoulder whispering,“I always loved you and will ever…” and Kevin immediately informed his dad and arranged for an ambulance to carry Vivaan to the hospital at the earliest.

 Circumstance changes us but we emerge as real winners when the clout of circumstance fails to change the authentic us.Be true to you love you and be the ‘You’ that no one else can be.The two bogies ‘Revenge’ and ‘Infidelity’ really sucks.Infidelity is traumatic that is touching many lives affecting generations physically and mentally.When you betray somebody else, you also betray yourself.As long as infidelity is there crimes will only increase so it must be stringently punished by law.Revenges can lead to catastrophic it can devastate you as well as others it spares none.Do not believe everything that you see or hear.When you take any step forward ask what your conscience says for it is always true for it is God’s answer… It is always. 

You can only fully understand what you’ve done to others when someone do the same to you.The truth is everyone is going to hurt you.You just got to find the ones worth suffering for.Grow to love yourself,you are the person you spend every waking minute with


  1. oh my, revenge is truly evil as one concentrates on the bad deed rather than moving forward and thinking good thoughts.

  2. circumstance dictates far too many peoples lives...
    and what will revenge get us...but more guilt, you know...